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Some electronic projects require special components. The solution to many problems will be to buy a professional linear actuator! You can buy it now in this Botland store category!

Electric linear actuators are devices that convert rotary motion from an electric motor to linear motion. Solutions of this type are used in many areas. Actuators are commonly used in car locks, electric locks, intelligent building systems, agricultural machinery, technologically advanced robots and industrial automation systems. By building a robotic project using the programmable electronics available in our store, you can also enrich your structure with new possibilities thanks to the use of actuators. Electric actuators are one of the most important elements in the construction of moving parts of a given structure. Thanks to this, we can build a linear motor with the appropriate range of motion! Check what we have prepared for you below!


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Linear actuators – design and the principle of operation

Electric linear actuators are devices that most often use small electric motors. The main task of such a subassembly is to generate linear motion. How is this effect achieved?

Primarily, electric linear actuators are electromechanical devices. The actuator converts the low voltage that comes from the control box into linear motion. A linear actuator consists of three main components, such as the motor, gear and spindle with a nut.

Linear movement can be achieved by using appropriate threading inside the device. However, it is worth knowing that a much more recommended method will be to use the presented linear motors contained in the actuators.

The complete set with an electric actuator creating a linear motion should also include a control box and possible additional accessories such as a remote control. Thanks to this, we will have complete control over the whole. Of course, it all depends on the specific project.

When it comes to the details of the principles of operation, it is worth to know that linear actuators use the properties of the electric current flowing through the coil and the ferromagnetic inside. Depending on the direction of the electric current across the coil, the ferromagnetic inside moves in the correct direction.

What are electric linear actuators used for?

As we mentioned above, electric linear actuators are used in car locks, in electric door locks in intelligent buildings. These components are also used for various applications in industrial and home automation. They can be necessary to create mobile solar collectors and many other advanced DIY projects. These devices are also used in agricultural machinery. Often, the control of such a device is carried out by radio, through mounted special modules that support wireless communication. They are also used with the use of manual or automatic control – for instance, in response to a signal from appropriate sensors informing that a given change has been detected.

Linear motors are used in a variety of household appliances and in a variety of high-precision mechanical systems. Their main advantages are positioning precision and speed, as well as acceleration unlimited by friction or inertia of the elements. Linear actuators have the advantage of being able to brake themselves when the electric motor is not running. This means that if the engine is not running, the piston cannot be extended or retracted - the cylinder will hold the weight even when power is disconnected. Obviously it is highly functional as many uses require this kind of work stability.

Electric linear actuators – see the full offer of the Botland store!

In this category you will find a great variety of linear actuators. We have over 40 models of various actuators, most of them are powered by DC voltage with a voltage of 12V, but there are also models powered by 24V and 36V.

One of the most important parameters of linear actuators is the generated torque. In this regard, you can choose from linear actuators with a torque of 3 kg x cm to 300 kg x cm (3 kg x cm, 4.5 kg x cm, 5 kg x cm, 7 kg x cm, 10 kg x cm, 15 kg x cm, 50 kg x cm, 100 kg x cm, 150 kg x cm, 300 kg x cm). Last but not least, linear speed is also an important parameter. In this regard, you can choose a model with the speed of: 5.4 mm / s, 7.5 mm / s, 10 mm / s, 13 mm / s, 43 mm / s, 100 mm / s and 230 mm / s.

As for the cylinder extension length, choose a product with an extension of 1.9 cm, 2.4 cm, 5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 46 cm and even 61 cm . When choosing, pay attention to additional parameters that improve the overall functionality of the device, such as limit sensors that protect against shaft shifting and built-in potentiometers that allow the current position to be read through an analog signal).

In addition, we have linear actuator controllers, control units for entrance gates actuators, actuators for use in car central locks and a large selection of very durable and resistant to difficult conditions linear actuators with specialized parameters. Each model is accurately described and has a DataSheet document from which you can learn about the detailed technical requirements of the device, its capabilities and durability.