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Linear actuator - Electric linear actuators are devices that convert rotational motion of the motor into linear motion. Solutions of this type find use in many areas - are used in car locks, electric locks systems, intelligent buildings, agricultural machines, high-tech robots or industrial automation systems. Electric actuators are one of the main elements in the construction of the moving parts. Due to the fact that we can build a linear motor in the desired range of motion.


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Actuators linear - Build the linear motor

Electric linear actuators are devices that often use small electric motors and then use them a rotary motion to process it in a linear movement. This can be obtained, for example, using appropriate cutting inside the device. However, be aware that for this purpose it is possible to use linear motors. They use the properties flowing through the coil electric current and located inside the ferromagnetyka. Depending on the direction of electric current in the coil, ferromagnetyk inside moving in the right direction. Such solutions are used, primarily, on the Railways, equipment, APPLIANCES or a variety of precision mechanical systems. Their main advantages are the positioning accuracy and velocity and acceleration unlimited friction or inertia elements. Linear actuators, have the advantage samohamowania at the time when the motor is not running. This means that if the engine is not running, you cannot remove or insert the piston - cylinder will stay weight even after a power failure.

The use of electric linear actuators

Linear electric actuators are used in car locks, electric locks for doors in intelligent buildings, as well as for various applications in industrial automation and civil (for example, moving solar collectors). Used in agricultural machines. Often the management of such a device is carried out via radio, with the help of special modules installed, wireless-enabled. Are also used with hand or automatic control, for example, in response to signals from appropriate sensors, with the information about the detection of this change.

Electric drives - What do we offer?

In offer we have a wide selection of around 40 models of electric linear motors. Most of them are powered by direct current with voltage of 12V, but there are also instances, current supply with a voltage of 24V and 36V. The device worked properly, it is important to match the drive, what tasks it needs to perform. One of the most important properties of the generated torque in our store are available with a torque of 3 kg cm 300 kg x cm (3 kg-cm, 4.5 kg x cm, 5 kg x cm, 7 kg x cm 10 kg x cm, 15 kg x cm, 50 kg x cm, 100 kg x cm, 150 kg x cm, 300 kg x cm). It is also important that the linear speed of the device - we have a model, of speed: 5.4 mm/sec 7.5 mm/sec, 10 mm/s 13 mm/s, 43 mm/sec 100 mm/h 230 mm/sec. You should also pay attention to the length of the climbing element; we offer actuators with elements, length: 1.9 cm, 2.4 cm, 5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 46 cm and 61 cm Part of the device is additionally installed sensors, limit switches, protects against displacement of the shaft out of acceptable range, or built-in potentiometers which are used to read the current position (in the form of an analog signal). In addition, we have drivers for linear actuators, control devices with a gate actuators, actuators for use in automotive Central locks and a great selection of very durable and resistant to bad linear actuators on special parameters. Each model is described in detail and the document DataSheet from which you can learn about the detailed technical requirements of the equipment, its capabilities and endurance.