In this category we offer transformers. This name comes from the Latin transformare, means to convert. It converts electrical voltage to recharge the selected components that have different voltage than the output. Here you will find high-quality transformers with different power and voltage of the secondary. Welcome to purchase in our online store Botland.

Change for the better

In the construction or in the design of at least the lighting system, we have to fight with the way the power of our model. Meet up with a device called a transformer, through which we will credit to the nodes of our system. The principle of operation of this device is the transmission of electric power, alternating current by induction from one circuit to another while preserving the original frequency and simultaneously changing the voltage.

The tension adjustment for the needs

That is changing, there is tension, for example, with high which is used to transmit network data over long distances, for low voltage, suitable for power consumers. Transformers consist of two main elements – a steel core and windings of copper or aluminum. The most frequently used type of coil winding-cylindrical, where the primary and secondary windings take the form of concentric cylinders.

How the transformer works?

Transformers have the task of changing the electric voltage, but how do they work? One of the windings connected to the AC mains, which causes the appearance of an alternating magnetic field, which stream is led by the core flows through the other coil. The change of the magnetic flux in the coils causes electromagnetic induction, i.e., is formed in them the power elektromotoryczna, otherwise known as voltage. If the transformer has fewer secondary windings than the primary, this causes a low voltage, a transformer of this type is called a term, step-down voltage.

The types of transformers

Depending on the application area we have various types of transformers. In multiphase systems use transformers of the same multiphase (three-phase). You can also find płaszczyznowe transformers, toroidal, safety, and many others. For lower voltages, transformers, air insulated, for high used transformer oil, which also performs a cooling function. In business and in everyday language we often meet with the name shortened in the substation.