Probes for measuring instruments

In the category “Probes for measuring instruments” you will find a large selection of tools necessary for the proper use of any electric meter. Indicators is one of the main tools used in electronics and robotyków in daily work. Appropriate probes connected, for example, a multimeter, determine the correct reading of the measured values through the device. Depending on the quality of execution of the slot and the contact point of the test device, it is possible to obtain different degrees of accuracy.



Probes for measuring instruments

Material and precision manufacturing of sensors and plug-ins (and plug in the sensor) depends on the accuracy of measurements. Often used for the production of materials has a real impact on the longevity of the product. Botland shop offers the only tested products made by a reputable company supplying distributors across the globe.

Appropriate insulation has a value of

Accordingly, the insulation of the wires for the sensors and properly insulated space in which the user grabs the poll, is the basis of security. Even small inaccuracies in production, which can be dangerous for the skin of the user with lived non-conductive measuring voltage, may pose a threat to health and even life.

Colors help elektronikom

Accordingly, a variety of color of the probe and wire can greatly facilitate the work elektronikowi and help him not to make mistakes. Improper passing a current through the meter may cause damage (e.g., omyłkowa is replaced by the direction of current flow through the meter by replacing the weight and plus).

Corresponding lugs and connectors to facilitate measurement

Depending on the model chosen, our products offer all kinds of solutions. The completed part of the probe is a sharp tip, ideal for measurements on small objects (for example, on a printed circuit Board with a system based on the SMD components). Another popular attachment is the so-called “crocodile” is the metal end caps respectively housing a flexible insulation, which have the ability to “catch” subtle items. We are talking about tools that operate on a similar principle as the clips are used for hanging clothes. Thanks to them, the simplest way you can, for example, to catch a fragment of the electronic equipment (for example, a piece of the leg of a resistor connected to ground) and hands-free control meter and attach the other end of the cable to the other elements of the system. Very great relief, there are also connectors “banana” is because of them probes more versatile and resistant to a variety of implementation of the sockets in the measuring. They are oblong plugins, which adapt to the dimensions of the slot and simultaneously pressed its walls, providing a precise and stable connection and signal transmission.