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The work of the designer, tester, installer, or equipment electronic devices often requires the use of different more or less complex measurement devices. Temperature sensors, rotation speed, light, sound, distance or force of the wind, however, is also used in many other areas – from industrial production, by cooling and ogrzewnictwo (HVAC) as long as the industry of construction and repair. In this category you will find a number of measuring non-electrical values and various testers and other devices for electronics.



Products by page

Products by page

You build or remontujesz?

Of course, if You need a DPM detector KC098YB is a compact and convenient device detects passing the walls of wires, metal or wood. In our offer you will find also a similar detector of the famous company unit designation UT387B. If you fall the installation of a local computer network, be sure to select cables tester RJ45/RJ11, which will save You lots of time when performing calls between separate areas. To facilitate more construction and repair work must have at hand reliable laser rangefinder, for example, Yato YT-73125, in the range of up to 40 m, is equipped with a memory for 20 measurements and casing, designed for heavy duty operating conditions.

To see the temperature... even in color!

Contactless temperature measurement is a universal method of checking the correct functioning of the devices as well as the tightness that it would be difficult in the short description to match at least a representative sample of their capabilities. Therefore, we limit ourselves to refer the most interesting of thermometers from our range. The company unit has launched a series of infrared thermometer in various ranges of measured temperatures and different levels of accuracy. Temperature meter UT300C provides a measurement range from -18 ° c to 400 oC, and the version UT300S cope with a temperature of -32 oC. In turn, the company Benetech offers thermometers non-contact, working in a very wide range from -50 oC to 950 oC (model GM900) and a bit cheaper GM700 (-50 oC to 700 oC). If you need not only simple measurement, but the exact visualization of thermal fields, select one of the global imaging giant Flir. In our assortment you will find models TG165 (80 x 60 px, the screen 2”) and E4 (80 x 60 px, the screen 3”).

Measurement of electromagnetic fields and spectrum

A particularly difficult area of measurement is Metrology of electromagnetic fields. A simple spectrum analyzer available in our offer – RF Explorer – works in the range from 15 MHz to 2.7 GHz, and the measured spectra is presented in a graphic LCD screen with resolution of 128 x 64 px. For professional use we recommend the portable, advanced vector network analyzer KC901S, offering a measurement range from 150 kHz to 3 GHz measurement bandwidth filters and amplifiers, analysis of antennas, measurement of the reflected wave or field strength EM. Face analyzer complete with accessories including calibration kit, adapters for different standards of coaxial connectors, and charger with adapter, battery and microSD memory card 8 GB for sale in an aesthetic aluminum housing, which considerably facilitates the safe movement of equipment to the place of measurements.