The transmission distance is an inherent element of virtually every technology. It is hard to imagine a modern factory without zrobotyzowaną complex systems of industrial automation, integrated production management, control and Executive elements and measuring the main parameters of production processes and quality monitoring. However, this is only one of thousands of examples that prove as a key issue is communication in the modern electronics. In this extensive category, we gathered all the subcategories of products that will allow You to create a data connection strictly to meet the needs of each project.


  • Locators GPS / GSM / Bluetooth Locators GPS / GSM / Bluetooth

    Of course, not just happened in the rush to put the keys to the apartment, or car, in a place where usually do not use them, or just in the world have You fallen somewhere out of his pocket. Maybe zawieruszyłeś your phone which, in addition to disabled? With the help comes to...

  • Antenna Antenna

    In the category " antennas we offer a wide range of antennas of different type with different purpose. The range includes, among other things, the GPS antenna, WiFi antenna, Li, antenna, GPS devices, adapted for different frequency intervals. Depending on the case, the use of...

  • Trinkets Trinkets

    Remote control systems are used in various segments of electronics. Control remote control standard for consumer ELECTRONICS devices, but increasingly the pilot to control we can also other system - lighting, air conditioning or even on the basis of the module of Arduino home...

  • Bluetooth Bluetooth

    Bluetooth good cheating on all segments of consumer electronics. Ranging from basic mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) through smart watches and radars, and smart home controllers and sound devices, ending. For many years the big disadvantage of Bluetooth devices was...

  • The GSM modules The GSM modules

    GSM module - Although the transfer of information at distance accompanies man since ancient times, this use for this purpose the electricity (and soon electromagnetism) had its beginning less than two centuries ago. Today no one is surprised by the possibility of voice...

  • GPS modules GPS modules

    Navigation accompanies man from the first attempts bypass unknown territories – as the ancient sailors, and travelers left on the land, used a number of production of contemporary science and technology, including stellar navigation or compass. Today, the role of the sun and...

  • Radio modules Radio modules

    Radio , as a form of wireless signal transmission is used in applications such as wireless alarm systems, remote control systems, automation systems, and devices equipped with smart sensors. If you want to expand your project, the possibility of remote communication with...

  • Modules Ethernet Modules Ethernet

    We offer modules Ethernet high quality. We have a wide selection of different devices to access the Ethernet network. The available network gateways, IoT (Internet of Things), gateway, Bluetooth, lining the Arduino, using a variety of microprocessors, modules, network cards,...

  • CAN-bus CAN-bus

    CAN bus ( Controller Area Network - Can-Bus ) is a device that provides two-way communication between the microprocessors . In other words, it is a serial communication bus , which was designed primarily to support systems such as ABS and engine management system. High...

  • Wi-Fi Modules Wi-Fi Modules

    The wi-fi module - wi-fi-is a technology that uses radio waves to transmit and receive data from the communication device to provide access to the Internet. The number of users the wi-fi network is growing all the time. Wi-fi network, we can use not only in order to use the...

  • Module Z-wave Module Z-wave

    In the category " modules Z-Wave we offer pads for tile Raspberry Pi and Arduino, which are changing them in the gates home automation Z-Wave. We also offer the modules and RGB LED lamps that are not equipped. Z-Wave is a wireless Protocol that makes a lot of devices is the...

  • Modules and RFID tags Modules and RFID tags

    Radio communication is a short range (RFID), is included in so many areas of our lives that indeed it would be difficult to even briefly describe najpraktyczniejsze devices that use it. Your success of this technology should be extremely simple implementation, niwelującej the...

  • XBee XBee

    Embedded systems are gaining increasing popularity in the management of different devices, also in the distance. The XBee modules from Digi , represent a smart, compact solution to the problems of communication and control devices over a wireless network using all types of...


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Products by page

Products by page

Cable or without cable, that is the question!

The choice of the medium of transmission is the first stage of designing any links to data. The choice we have, essentially, two groups of solutions – wired and wireless. What way would be best for your project depends on a number of factors. Three main ones are: range, throughput and type of environment. Mobile devices or machines (robots, drones, RADIO-controlled models) make, of course, the use of wireless transmission, although in some cases (for example, robots eksploracyjnych or underwater) much better (and often the only) is to deploy a wired connection. In turn, at short range, particularly when the device is installed permanently in specific locations, cheaper and more simple solution would be to use links, cable is often one of the varieties of connection serial interface (RS232, RS485, RS422, USB). Some interfaces, such as SPI, I2C or I2S – only suitable for use in the device, for example, to connect additional circuit boards (modules) with the main controller.

Communication wired

You decide to use a wired connection? Almost all the available solutions you need to take into account use digital transmission consistent. This means that data bits are transmitted one after the other, and for the "folding" them in the form of bytes, frames, and entire data packets correspond to the hardware controllers of the transfer-side data transmitter and receiver, and – at higher levels – software of both devices. High speed data transfer and compatibility with computers and different systems provide built-in USB communication and Ethernet. To transfer smaller amount of data at small distances is well suited RS232 interface, and its (approximately) data to build links at large distances from the data bus RS422 and RS485. One of the combines most resistant to violations and communication errors " CAN-bus that happened to the automotive industry. In our offer you will find the communication modules that support all of these standards.


The most popular link networks in the segment of mobile devices, electronic gadgets and computers fast and efficient wi-fi and Bluetooth, although it is hard to imagine a smartphone or tablet with no GSM/LTE, enabling the transmission of data sending SMS and making voice calls. Control devices and measuring instruments are often used niskomocowe communication low bandwidth, but with a large radius of action – it is dominated by lead technologies ZigBee, XBee, Lora Lee different kinds of simple links in the ISM band. Geolocation in all parts of the globe, provide receivers GPS/GLONASS. It is also difficult to overestimate the role of devices and RFID or a simple but effective remote control systems using infrared radiation (for example, the legendary pilots have RC5).