• GPS / GSM / Bluetooth locators

    Device for detecting and locating objects.

  • Antennas

    Antenna for wi-fi modules, Bluetooth, GPS, XBee, etc.

  • Remote Controls

    Charms radio and IR port for control of robots and mobile devices.

  • Bluetooth modules

    Although the standard for wireless communication using the bluetooth modules have been known for several years, and its development continues uninterrupted since 1994, then later it is used in most devices that require connection without the use of wires. Connection and...

  • GSM modules

    To develop the drone, robot, RC model, or a remote-controlled helicopter or boat is only the beginning of an adventure with the whole project. System equipment necessary modules and systems is the Foundation with which to face every designer. Our goal is to provide You all the...

  • GPS modules

    The communication modules running in the standard GPS.

  • Radio modules
  • Ethernet modules

    Modules for connecting to an Ethernet network.

  • CAN modules

    Modules for connecting the microcontroller to the CAN bus.

  • WiFi modules

    The communication modules wi-fi - IEEE 802.11.

  • Z-wave modules

    The modules run with a wireless interface Z-wave.

  • RFID modules

    RFID technology still elicits huge controversy since the emergence of this form of data transmission via radio waves, can cause doubts about privacy and security. RFID readers, however, are present on the market for many years, which facilitates our daily life and simple...

  • XBee modules

    Easy to use wireless modules, using the popular XBee standard.


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UC - Microkontroler
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