Digital oscilloscope For electronics oscilloscope screen, is a window to the world – is a primary measuring instrumentthat allows observation of the shape and measurement of signal parameters variables. In the era oscyloskopów analog set correctly the assertion that the task of the oscilloscope is the measurement of periodic signals. Today, in the era of digital devices with built-in flash memory samples, this statement is gradually losing value as they become more comfortable, there is also the observation of random events, even single pulses or short-term packages.


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How to operate the oscilloscope?

Modern digital oscilloscope, a really advanced, extremely fast and niskoszumnym Converter analog-to-digitalenriched in a number of layouts optional. The principle of operation of the oscilloscope is quite simple: the instrument waits until the appropriate (user defined) voltage level or its changes (decrease, increase), i.e. the liberation of acquisition (trigger). Since then, the oscilloscope begins to monitor the voltage in the form of samples, within the time specified by "start time". Recording the passage of voltage is displayed all the time on the screen of the oscilloscope or transferred to the computer using the USB cable.

The features and functions of the oscilloscope

Depending on the settings of the oscilloscope can freeze an image for analysis or to start watching the next "frame". Record the voltage that is oscylogram can be used to measure time parameters and amplitudowych signal as the time between two points of the record corresponds to the number of grids in horizontal axis (for example, 10 MS / phase), and amplitude – number of grids in vertical axis (for example, 1V / plot). Each digital oscilloscope has a number of additional functions, including a number of automatic measurements the user that the frequency, rise time and fall time, or the average value of the signal without the need for time-consuming calculation of episodes on the screen of the device.

Select your model today!

The choice of oscilloscope determines not only its cost – depending on what projects are most often working, other functions and parameters will be useful for You. If you are looking for a tool for site devices – choose from oscyloskopów stationary in the frequency band corresponding to the repaired device. Mobile apps can be great DSO Nano DSO Quad – pocket digital oscilloscope at a great price which provides all the basic functions of its big brothers. If you a simple circuit using Arduino and just starting your adventure with the oscilloscope, try the BitScope Micro M5 about the incredibly small size and attractive price. Browse our online store today and select the oscilloscope of your dreams!