Measurement and measuring instrument

It is hard to imagine a machine shop, without a solid and accurate meter. However, this tool, especially in an era suwmiarek electronic devices that do not require time-consuming reading noniusza, as the necessary professional elektronikom whether fans of robotics. In this category we have collected all kinds and measurements of the caliper from the most simple, very mechanical, very precise electronic devices, capable of competing with much droższymi models of famous brands.



Caliper mechanical or electronic?

In principle, both suwmiarek can achieve similar levels of accuracy. Relatively rare to find devices with an accuracy of about 0.01 mm – for comparison, human erythrocytes (red blood cells) have a diameter of about 0,009 mm, therefore, such high accuracy is rarely needed. In the daily work in the workshop is enough precision 0.02 mm, even 0.05 mm. Caliper electronic is much better suited for quick measurements as it does not require reading sections measure main line and compare them with the scale noniusza. Many people, especially beginners, have problems with error free reading of small sections noniusza, as it requires a certain experience. In addition, people with low vision can have big problems with the exact definition of indications of the mechanical meter. In turn, traditional devices are ideal for zgrubnych measurements, longer also work in harsh conditions (dust, vibration), as the line magnetic meter mail rather gentle.

The measuring tool in the shop assortment Botland

Our store offers a simple, mechanical rollers, and various models suwmiarek electronic well-known manufacturers of tools like Vorel and Yato. Model YT-72003 was made of stainless steel and provides the possibility to measure the sizes of external, internal and depth in the range from 0 to 200 mm. we also Have popular model Vorel 15110 with a measuring range of 0-150 mm. In the segment of electronic suwmiarek we recommend you cheap suwmiarkę plastic accuracy +/ - 0,1 mm sufficient for Amateur work, a robotic or simulation. For professionals we have a measuring tool YT-7201 and Vorel 15240 (both accuracy of +/- 0.02 mm).

Pop-up instrumentation for each

In this category you will find simple but very useful device that will find many applications not only in electronics repair, but in each house or firm. Plastic Vernier caliper Vorel 15120 handy for quick, simple measurements of length, depth and internal dimensions of various holes. Very useful is also the measurement rental company Vorel (colloquially referred to as "brands") - we have two models with a length of 3 m and 5 m, both in an ergonomic case with rubber non-slip edging. Every artist should have on hand, for example, Vorel 16552 length of 60 cm, made of aluminum, ideal for even alignment of the furniture (shelves, tables or racks).