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Multimeters are, next to the oscilloscope, the second most important measuring device in every electronics workshop and laboratory. Regardless of whether you have a small, hobby electronics workshop, a professional service, prototyping workshop or an academic laboratory - multimeters are devices that will always be useful to you! Multimeters are measuring devices that can measure different values. The most popular multimeter models will be able to measure values ​​such as voltage, current, resistance, resistance and - in the better models - capacitance, inductance and frequency. Some meters are equipped with functions for measuring non-electrical values ​​(temperature, humidity, light intensity). High-quality multimeters are equipment necessary for every electronics! In our Botland store you can buy the highest quality multimeters that you will use in a completely trouble-free way for a many, many long years! See all of our best products below now!


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Products by page

Multimeters – the most versatile measurement electronic devices!

As the name suggests, a multimeter is a measuring device that measures various values. For this reason, it is the most versatile measurement electronic device you can get for a various projects and uses!

The choice of a multimeter should be dictated primarily by the desired range of measurement functionality. Another important selection criterion is the device’s measuring accuracy. Basic electrical measurements can be performed with in fact any kind of multimeter. On the other hand, in the case of precision systems, attention should be paid to the accuracy class of the instrument (this parameter is expressed as a percentage of the measuring range).

There are many types of multimeters. Some will be simpler and will measure basic values ​​such as current, frequency and resistance. Other multimeters equipped with digital architecture and modern LCD displays will be much more convenient to use. When choosing a multimeter, pay attention to what it can measure. The most popular type of mulltimeters are devices with implemented as many functions as possible, equipped with LCD screens, but analog (pointer) meters are also popular.

The most important functions and parameters of versatile multimeters

Classic multimeter allows you to measure DC and AC voltage. Depending on the device, voltage can be measured with different frequencies. Most often these will be frequencies in the range close to 50Hz, although better models of multimeters can test higher frequency signals. Multimeters are also used to measure direct current and resistance. The vast majority of devices presented in this category also have the function of measuring the forward voltage of semiconductor diodes and the option of short-circuit detection. The latter functionality is also very useful. The device is able to perform a test - the multimeter beeps when it detects a resistance below a certain value.

More advanced multimeters can also measure the intensity of alternating current in a specific frequency range, sometimes the function of measuring the frequency and the pulse duty factor is also available - the latter option is particularly useful for testing PWM generators in modeling servos or smooth regulation systems.

Advanced multimeters with additional capabilities

In fact, all of the electrical measuring instruments can have additional functions that are very useful. Obviously, if you run a small workshop and only need a regular multimeter, buy one of the basic products. However, a more specialized application, including professional use, requires the best type of multimeters.

In this regard, pay attention to what else can be measured with multimeters. Some meters can turn on the screen backlight. This option makes it much easier to work in the dark or in low light. Almost every multimeter also has the option to freeze the display state (HOLD function), which makes it very easy to write down the exact value of the measurement at a given moment. The universal meter can also facilitate the battery test and the measurement of the gain of bipolar transistors. Models with a USB connection are noteworthy. By choosing this type of product, you are able to use your multimeter as a measurement data logger. Check the entire offer of the Botland online store and choose the multimeter that will best suit your individual needs! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!