Knives and scissors

In many works it is necessary to cut, shorten or cut different kinds of elements. If in some cases only fit durable scissors, and in the case of hard and thick materials, the appropriate saws, and (sometimes) Sanders corner, so valuable are also different types of knives and pocket knives. In this category we have assembled three particularly useful tools for cutting: knives with broken blades, folding knives and scissors to laminate.



Single knife that will last for a long time

Knives with a broken blade is popularly called the blade for Wallpaper – and indeed, they are particularly useful for trimming veneer or Wallpaper, is unwound from the roll. In fact-the seminar you can use them for many other applications: cutting paper, Kraft paper, tapes, ropes, cut shapes out of paper, and even that thin layer of varnish or paint. Knives with a broken blade is the perfect choice for cutting insulation (when taking pictures with its cables and cutting wires. Their blades are created based on the brilliantly simple idea: the entire length equip them at the diagonal cuts. Because of this, when one blade wears out, you can extract them safely and later is removed with the chip breaker built into the cover. In place of interruption occurs then another blade.

A higher level of security

If the blades broken the blades are flexible enough contribution, that in many works in the Studio, at home or in the field is required the blade durable and rigid. In such a situation is to buy a quality folding knife. In our store you will find model Yato YT-76050 stainless steel. Handle, and was made of aluminum subjected to an anodizing process, resulting in very long-lasting surface protection. For convenience, the handle also is covered with plastic ABS. Thanks to the folding mechanism, and the knife is completely safe for the user during transport (there is no risk of accidental injury), and an extra hook on the handle end allows you to attach, for example, to the belt loops on the jumpsuit work or tool belt.

Convenient cutting of laminate

Laminate for the manufacture of printed circuit BOARDS made of composite fiberglass and epoxy resin, covered with a layer of copper. Often buy them in large plates, which then, as necessary, excise the reduction plate. Since the process of sawing sprzyjałby education is harmful to the lungs and eyes of dust a much better solution is to use a shear for cutting laminate. In our store you can buy the exact design shear appropriate for both right-handed and left-handed users. The blade is finished with a tiny teeth, thanks to which during cutting no need to use excessive pressure. Additional lock that connects the handles of the scissors to laminate increases user safety during storage of the tool.