The sets of sensors offers a wide selection of varied and universal sensors, which you can connect directly to Arduino boards (direct pin-to-pin compatibility). With our well-designed sensor kits, you can design an advanced robot or measure anything you want with your Arduino. If you are looking for a sensor kit for the best price, will meet all your needs and expectations. Our catalog includes products like starter kits for Raspberry Pi, sets of modules with cables for Adruino, Grove creator kits, special learning kits for children, and many more. Our sets of sensors are delivered in practical boxes, thanks to which all components are well organized, so you will be able to work comfortably. Among the parts available at this category, you will find two-color or three-color LED modules, a heartbeat detector, a shock detector, laser sensor, X / Y joystick, and more. If you want to build an advanced robot, you can buy an ultrasonic obstacle sensor available at our store. Remote obstacle detection is often used by robots. You can adapt the speed of the robot in relation to the detection, stop it if the object is too close, and make it seek a "free" direction.

A wide range of high-quality sensors

The sensor is the device that gives information or data according to the surroundings or situation. The detector is a device (for example Arduino) that will give the detection output.

The detection process needs a sensor, device, or module that could sense the events and changes from the environment and then send that information. There are two main families of sensors:

All-or-nothing sensors

As the name suggests, they only provide two data (often HIGH and LOW) depending on their connection state. Therefore, you must use the digital ports of the Arduino to read this data.

Variation sensors

They vary the output voltage either by resisting or by producing a current. These sensors will, therefore, be read with the analog ports of the Arduino. The value of the voltage recovered (often between 0V and 5V) is then transformed into an integer between 0 and 1024.

There are light related sensors, magnetic sensors, pressure sensors, acceleration sensors, and a general group of sensors for all kinds of purposes. At you will find a large selection of sensor kits suitable both for beginners and professionals. What is more, if you want to learn Arduino programming, our special beginner kits will help you achieve your goal.

Gravity and Grove - discover standardized connectors offers sensor kits suitable for designers who don’t want to deal with choosing the right plugs, cables, or connectors. With our sets, developing your project will be easy and pleasant! Discover a Gravity series of sensors, which features the same connectors, compatible with DFRobot Gravity IO Expansion Shield for Arduino. Another great solution, similar to Gravity is the Grove system. It’s compatible with systems built on Arduino or Raspberry Pi microcontrollers. Check the offer, and enjoy the simple assembly of our sensor kits.

Which sensor kit should you buy?

Without sensors, it’s possible that you won’t be able to design a prototype of your project. At, you will find both individual sensors and modules. All our sensors and modules can be used with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and We-IO. Are you looking for a specific sensor and can't find it on our website? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us and maybe we can solve your problem!

Depending on the platform on which you create your projects (for example Arduino or DFRobot or Internet of Things), in our store you will find sets of modules and sensors suitable for you. An exemplary set of DFRobot KIT0011 sensors contains as many as 27 modules with cables for Arduino. You will find among them digital touch sensor, a module with relay, vibration sensor, magnetic field sensor, tilt sensor, infrared motion detector, analog flame sensor, analog water vapor sensor, analog grayscale sensor, analog sound sensor, analog rotation sensor, intensity sensor lights, carbon monoxide sensor, distance sensor, temperature sensor, accelerometer, joystick module, voltage divider, and buttons. For each of these modules in the set you will find a Gravity connection cable. If you are closer to an IoT system, we have in our offer an IoT starter kit with a smartphone-controlled Blynk Board WiFi module. Just a few connections without a soldering iron, Blynk app and you can enjoy the possibilities of IoT. The manufacturer has also prepared a set of several basic projects for you, thanks to which you will discover the world of the Internet of Things. Check out Botland's offer!