The sets of sensors

Thinking about hobbystach, novice engineers, but for professionals, presented at the consumer electronics starter kits, such as family, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, DFRobot. The startup kit is usually the latest microcomputer, the heart of which is a microcontroller mounted on Board with key for maximum throughput, the memory system real-time RTC and a set of standard connectors. However, to fully take advantage of the opportunities that gives You programming microprocessors, you need to invest in additional equipment in the form of sensors. Such sets of probes and kits compatible with Grove and gravity have prepared for You Botland! Make your project with us!

The sets of sensors and modules

Grove and gravity

Manufacturers of sensors and sets the line took care of that, implementing their projects do not have to deal with difficulties in selecting suitable modules, connectors or cables. Gravity is a series of sensors on these compounds, which is compatible in particular with Gravity DFRobot IO Expansion Shield for Arduino. System Grove is a standard connector, compatible with systems built on mikrokontrolerach Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Check offer Botland, enjoy the ease of Assembly and high functionality accessories that you will find in our sets of sensors.

What sets of sensors to choose?

Depending on which platform you are creating your projects, this Arduino DFRobot or or Internet of Things (IoT) in our online shop you will find suitable sets of modules and sensors. An exemplary set of DFRobot sensors KIT0011 contains up to 27 modules with leads for Arduino. You will find digital touch sensor module, relay, vibration sensor, magnetic field sensor, tilt sensor, motion sensor infrared, analog flame sensor, analog sensor pair, the analog grayscale sensor, analog sound sensor, analog rotation sensor, light sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, distance sensor, temperature sensor, accelerometer, joystick module, voltage divider and buttons. For each of these modules in the kit you will find the connection cable Gravity. If You are closer to the IoT system, we have for You in your sentence starter kit IoT module Blynk Board Wi-Fi controlled with your smartphone. Quite a few calls without using a soldering iron, the Blynk app and you can take advantage of the IoT. The manufacturer has also prepared for You a set of several basic projects that you will discover the world of the Internet of Things. Check offer Botland!