LEDs are small but the basic equipment of any electronic item. Shop Botland however, you can find a much greater number of different elements that will be useful in the closet for any DIY enthusiast!


  • LEDs and accessories LEDs and accessories

    LEDs that emit ultraviolet radiation in the range of visible light. The number of features offered by accessories such as LEDs , it is amazing. Can serve, in particular, as an element of interior design, energy saving systems, lighting, alarm or led informing about device...

  • Rectifier diodes Rectifier diodes

    The main elements of the solid state, are designed for rectifying current.

  • Schottky diodes Schottky diodes

    LEDs are characterized by a short switching time and low voltage drop.

  • Zener diodes Zener diodes

    The main use of LEDs Zener is a voltage reference.

  • LED indicators LED indicators

    Indicators that provide control over any device

Products by page

Products by page

Ultrasonic, Zener and other diodes in daily life

The most popular form of diodes are LEDs, which typically inform users about the errors of the equipment (for example, in an oven reported that the temperature at a given level). Indicators can also indicate that the work is safe – a Prime example is in particular a screwdriver, which when touching the parts under voltage, begin to glow. Someone who is not engaged professionally or elektryką hobbystycznie knows about the existence of the led bridge rectifier? Probably not, because they are not visible to the naked eye and are installed in the system. Responsible for changing AC to DC current – the main advantage is the fact that the rectifying diodes are perfectly cope with intensive current, working only after exceeding a specified value. Shop Botland are also LEDs Schottkyegothat półprzewodnikami and are characterized by a small volume connectors – this means the switching speed of 100 PS. Are used, in particular, in a device such as the power supply of the computer. This is a very important element in complex structures, so it needs to be to equip all persons involved in the design of structures, systems based on Arduino or Raspberry. We also offer Zener diodes, which perform the function of the stabilizer and safety antyprzepięciowego.

Botland – offer embroidered custom

You are designing systems based on Arduino, Raspberry or other chips? Are you worried about the voltage transient that will damage the whole scheme? Need to stabilize voltage in your project? LEDs are available in Botland are a great choice for you because we have sets of colored diodes with lenses, green, red and yellow, models with clear lenses, the previously mentioned product of rectification, Zener and powerful LEDs, RGB, with installed drivers is, of course, not everything we can imagine.

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