Li-Ion batteries

Batteries li-on is the lithium-ion batteries used primarily in various kinds of electronic equipment. We have them, by the way, mobile phones, laptops and other mobile devices. This alternative to batteries ołowiano-acid batteries, which is characterized by much larger benefits.


Voltage output from
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Batteries li-on have a ten times longer service life than their ołowiano-acid counterparts. As long as 75% lighter and 25 smaller because of this, has found application in modern electronic equipment. Very fast ship – even for an hour. Stand out, in addition, significantly more efficient, and also safe for the environment.

The batteries are li-on and their application

Lithium-ion batteries are used not only for mobile electronic devices. Found also application in electric vehicles, manufacturers gladly choose them in the production of hybrid cars.

Batteries li-on , and function as energy storage for renewable energy sources and tested in the aviation industry. It is recommended to charge battery li-on as soon as possible after their discharge. In case you do not use them for a long time, needs to unload them in approx. 40%. This leads to an increase of their service life. You should not bring to a full discharge of the battery, and also you must take care of storing batteries in a cool place. Their use is associated with measurable advantages for the user. Not required to constantly monitor, allowing you to focus on responsibilities related to the proper operation. Short charging time greatly simplifies the operation and use of equipment. High performance and long service life saves both time and money.

Batteries li-on, available in our store in different designs. Different capacity, voltage nominal, and maximum charge current.