Li-Ion batteries

Li-Ion batteries is the lithium-ion batteries used primarily in various types of electronic equipment. We are dealing with them on the occasion of mobile phones, laptops and other mobile devices. It is an alternative to lead-acid batteries, which is characterized by much greater benefits.


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Li-ion batteries have a life ten times longer than their lead-acid equivalents. They are as much as 75% lighter and 25 smaller, which is why they are used in modern electronic equipment. They charge very quickly - up to an hour. In addition, they are much more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Li-Ion batteries and their applications

Lithium-Ion batteries are not only used for the production of mobile electronic devices. They are also used in electric vehicles, and manufacturers are happy to choose them in the production of hybrid cars.

Li-Ion batteries also serve as energy storage for renewable energy sources and are being tested in the aerospace industry.  It is recommended to charge the Li-Ion batteries as soon as possible after they have been discharged. In case you do not use them for a long time, they needs to be unloaded to about 40%. This leads to an increase of their service life. You should not bring to a full discharge of the battery, and also you must take care of storing batteries in a cool place. Their use is associated with measurable benefits for the user.  There is no need for constant monitoring, which allows the focus to be on the duties associated with proper work. Short charging time significantly improves the operation and use of the device. High performance and long service life save both time and money.

Li-Ion batteries are available in our shop in various variants. They differ in capacity, nominal voltage and maximum charging current.

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