Choke and coil are definitions that are used as synonyms. Such components are often used to filter the current, for example, when the microprocessor used in the Arduino. We offer a wide range of throttles - we as coils of THT (przewlekanej) and SMD (surface). Depending on model, with chokes in the case of type TNT provides chokes, axial and vertical, while all inductors SMD chokes drutowe. Inductor values range from 4.7 hic 1 mH.

How do the chokes?

Inductors, inductive devices that operate przeciwzakłóceniowo, acting as a filter. The coil circuit is placed in the same way as a resistor in series. In combination with an appropriate system of capacitors can provide a great filter that removes the interference variables from the current, leaving, however, unaffected signal with a constant voltage. The action of capacitors and inductors are very similar to each other from the point of view of electronics - in both cases, after disconnecting the power the current will still take some time to continue. The difference lies in the fact that the condenser after a sudden voltage failure, will give it a little more of their “inventory” (a principle similar to the buffer or storage tank), and the coil after a short time will have produced current (as well as the flywheel after the drive has stopped).

Coil or choke?

In the jargon of the electronics may be replaced with the application of concepts coil & inductor, however, is to know what is the reason and how to properly use the item. A choke is an inductive component, and in that moment, when it is an element of the filtration system, it was getting throttle. Coil is an element that should be known to almost everyone who studied in school physics lessons. Of course, everyone's seen once (at least in the book) oil seal thread (bobbin drutową), i.e., a core of material ferromagnetycznego (or even air) which was wrapped with wire. The individual coils differ in inductance (in henrach (H), but also pay attention to the resistance which is. Capacitors because of the high degree of resistance mounted in parallel in the circuit, and the coils in series. They represent a relatively small barrier for DC voltage and AC voltage become “harder” for przebrnięcia - such a phenomenon is desirable.

The inductive throttle - a Wide selection. What do we offer?

The range has a wide choice of coils of various types is, among other things, chokes the hinge (legs at two opposite ends of the component like resistors TNT) and chokes vertical (two legs extend from one end of the component). There are also chokes and chokes drutowe drutowe SMD. All of these components can operate as chokes suppression. The value of inductance of each model vary from 4.7 hic 1 mH, the minimum resistance is 0,059?, and the allowable current is from 0.4 mA to 5A.