The gas sensors

The dynamic development of electronics means that the market offers more and more budget solutions for replacements of ready-made measuring devices. The price of such devices often exceeds the financial capabilities of many enthusiasts of electronic projects.

Products by page

Products by page

Similar trends can be seen for gas sensors.

To meet the expectations of our clients, we have managed to develop a competent offer of the best gas sensors that stand out from the crowd with many advantages. The most important advantages of these products include a relatively low price and a high degree of compatibility with other electronic components.

Gas sensors can be used as important components of advanced projects, they can even be used to build robots. On the other hand, they can be safely used alone, e.g. for measuring carbon monoxide in a room. This type of device should have everyone who has a stove or boiler in the house in which the process of burning gas takes place.

Get familiar with Botland offer now and choose the best gas sensors. Check all our products. Choose from devices such as alcohol, carbon monoxide, ammonia, gasoline, smoke detectors, methane and propane-butane sensors. We also have air purity detectors. Build your measuring stations and enjoy your unique designs!

The most common gas sensors

The most popular gas sensors in the world include gas and smoke detectors. The former are installed virtually everywhere where we deal with the process of gas combustion. Although gas installations (stoves, junkers, boilers) are becoming safer, it is still not a month not to hear in the media about the next tragedy associated with clogging. Carbon monoxide, which is the cause of clogging, is imperceptible to man. It cannot be identified without specialized equipment. That is why it is so important to place gas sensors in rooms where there are different gas furnaces and gas installations.

Smoke is also dangerous - a sign of fire. According to statistics on European countries, fire in homes and flats most often occurs at night. During this time, the family is asleep and unable to recognize the threat, and when it recognizes it, it is usually too late. That is why it is so important to install smoke detectors that will quickly alert you to a starting fire.

Gas sensors in automation and robotics – MQ series

In robotics and automation, gas sensors are useful for many projects. It all depends on the specifics of the particular project, but such sensors are commonly used in various Internet of Things projects and also for the construction of advanced robots.

For hobbyists and more advanced designers we recommend the MQ sensor series in a round housing. They are characterized by standardized arrangement of leads (6 pins). The MQ series gas sensors are compact. The height of the detector head is about 13 mm, diameter about 20 mm. We have also prepared for you ready modules in which the sensors have been built-in on a 40 x 20 mm printed circuit board with leads in the form of a goldpin connector with a standard 2.54 mm pitch.

Presented here MQ sensors require a power supply in the range of 2.5 V - 5 V. Among the sensors we offer you will find smoke, propane-butane and hydrogen MQ-2 sensors. For other applications, you can buy professional MQ-3 alcohol detectors, MQ-4 methane sensors, MQ-5 propane-butane sensors, MQ-7 carbon monoxide sensors, MQ-8 hydrogen sensors, MQ-9 carbon monoxide sensor, alcohol, gasoline sensors and MQ-135 ammonia. MQ series devices have an analog and digital output. This is a great simplification and great compatibility with other components. Such devices will successfully work with elements of programmable electronics (Arduino, Raspberry Pi).

Gas sensors of TGS series

Similar to the MQ series sensors are the TGS series sensors. These devices are relatively small (TO-5 housing with 9 mm diameter approx). Sensor head - 8 mm. However, small sizes are an advantage and the sensors are very durable. TGS sensors are characterized by high sensitivity, low power consumption and long life. Among the sensors we offer you will find TGS813 explosive gas sensors, TGS2610 propane-butane sensors, TGS2611 methane sensors, TGS2600 air purity sensors, and TGS2603 odor sensors.

In the Botland store you will find ready devices such as natural gas sensors, methane and propane-butane, carbon monoxide or smoke sensors. Some sensors are very simple, others are multi-functional. Some have built-in LCD displays that guarantee perfect measurement quality (e.g. in the case of sensors measuring the content of solid dust in the air). Enjoy your shopping!