Bags string

In the seminar the collection of several small parts is inevitable. Electronics contain many parts, such as LEDs or connectors, mechanics, for example, so necessary for every day stuff, like screws, nuts and washers. Effective implementation of the planned tasks much more difficult or even impossible, if these small elements wkradłby mess. In this regard, so desirable in each workshop, containers, boxes, and, above all, the packet string in which you can safely collect the individual elements.



Required workshop equipment

Zipper bags made of thin but fairly rigid plastic. In our store you will find products made of transparent film with a thickness of 50 microns. The popularity of this form of packaging overzealous method of closure. In the upper part of each pouch wtopiona is a string, which can easily and repeatedly close or open. This incredibly simple mechanism resistant to wear and relatively tight. In the base the area is well protected, therefore, the contents from dust or moisture in the air. Zipper bags are sold in sets of 100 pieces, so one package is enough to pobieżnego organizing the workshop.

For artists, Amateurs and professionals

String bags find wide application. Happy to use their staff of all kinds of seminars – especially if you are surrounded by small items. Packages bystrozakalennykh clip and then meet me in watchmakers and jewelers, electronics shops and even plumbing shops, leather goods, szewskich or machines. One of the main consumers of this type of packaging are, however, stores of all industries, from electronic and computer components, through the iron articles to pasmanterię. They are perfect in the stores engaged in selling by mail, because they prevent movement, and lost of items during shipping. Even a private, sheltered workshops DIY it would be hard to imagine without convenient string bags with snaps.

Various sizes for choice

In our store you will find sets of string bags in several sizes. The smallest 50x70 60x80 mm or mm is suitable, for example, LEDs, short lengths of led strips, or individual elements of the SMD. And a large – size, even 125x125 mm – fit all the pieces of laminate, cut to the needs of own production of printed circuit boards or rather a large coil of cables and ribbons. The only limitation in the use of string bags is their susceptibility to static. In this regard, the ESD elements necessary before closing the bags further Packed in foil antyelektrostatyczną.