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USB adapter - USB Port was an iconic innovation in computer hardware, as in the way of thinking about the usefulness of it equipment. People who still remember old style COM ports or LPT, know how tedious was the connection of new devices – in both cases as required to comply with all the recommendations that all actions produce when the computer is off. Only the introduction of USB ports enabled switching devices "on hot", i.e. without turning off the machine. The popularity of USB has led to the fact that it has developed a number of subsequent versions of the connectors, different sizes and application. To be able to fully use the capabilities of the port, you should purchase the appropriate adapters USB.

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Version USB interface

Few people remember today that the first really popular version of this link was the USB 1.1 interface. Soon later for computing devices came in a USB 2.0 port and in a few years, he reigned among almost all types of computer peripherals – although with equal success. Appeared in mobile phones and other portable devices, hardware, audio, musical instruments or stationary measurement, industrial, medical and automotive industries. Another breakthrough was the introduction of super fast USB 3.0 interface in 2013 – speed data bus has grown to more than 600 MB/s, allowing to transmit data (e.g., between the computer and external drive) with incredible middle speed. Introduced in subsequent years, USB standard USB 3.1 and 3.2 increased transmission speed of up to 2500 MBIT/sec. With the increase in transmission followed by a change in the types of used slots and connectors, and this necessitates the use of appropriate adapters USB.

Plug, socket, adapter... Adapter Micro USB to USB, and many, many others

Characteristic of the USB feature that distinguishes this interface from other computer tires, there are many types of connectors – like sockets, and appropriate to the connectors. Most popular in desktop computers, laptops and other devices working in the mode of USB-host (for example, oscyloskopach digital) 4-pin flat connector USB A. More peripherals (printers, scanners) are equipped with a connector of type B (resembling a square with two corners cut off). Small devices (e.g., cameras), for many years was equipped with a mini USB connector, but later replaced them extremely popular with a micro USB connector which are often only part of the socket (for example, to power banks or minikomputerach Raspberry Pi). What's important, cables and adapters USB in accordance with the official USB standard to prevent incorrect connection, for example, two devices operating in mode USB host. There is one problem a little after the introduction of the universal USB connector-C, and upowszechnionych earlier, port USB OTG, allowing a single device to act both as a host and a target device.

The adapters USB in stock online store Botland

In our offer you will find a wide range of USB adaptorsfor easy connection to various compatible devices. For smartphones and tablets that support USB OTG mode, we are small adapters that allow, for example, to connect to a mobile device a flash drive or external drive. The problem of too short cables eliminate the extension cables USB A-A 1.8 m length and 3 m. we also Have a number of available hand USB adaptors – they are used to power devices that use standard connectors DC 5,5/2,1 mm, but also facilitate the withdrawal of the supply line (crocodile) or all four lines of the USB cable (a type connector goldpin).