Wire microUSB 2.0

It would be hard to find someone who didn't need to use the microUSB. Although its popularity it got the first mobile phones, then you can find them in thousands of other devices – cameras, power banks, minikomputerach (e.g. Raspberry Pi), wireless headset, MP3 players and many, many others. Compact size, performance power, which the power of the individual devices by the current value of 2.5 A and a great durability make jacks and microUSB ports are still readily used, despite the gradual expansion of USB type-C. In this category you will find all kinds of wire microUSB – although seemingly similar, but with different features and has specific advantages.

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Products by page

Connectors and wires microUSB standards, which is worth remembering

Although wire microUSB are very similar, their purpose and possibilities depend on the design as micro as the end of the second side of the cable. Most of the cables are completed, on the one hand, a microUSB connector B (popularly known simply microUSB; about the shape of a rectangle with two bevelled corners), and with another – USB-a connector (designed to connect with a computer or another device acting as a node). A completely different design has the popular USB OTG adapter instead of the USB connector And is equipped with a connector of this type to provide connection of peripheral devices (e.g., memory like flash drives or external disk) for mobile devices – smartphones or tablets. Interestingly, also miniature computers, Raspberry Pi, Zero was equipped with ports for USB OTG (in this case, instead of the most popular connectors used connector microUSB microUSB B AB.

Wire microUSB – USB, And

In our offer you will find a large selection of microUSB cables which are suitable for all applications. In addition to the standard cables with a length of 20 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 80 cm, 1 m, 1.5 m, 1.8 m, 2 m and 3 m, we have wires with a plug to corner, and even a switch (the latter is especially recommended for power minicomputers such as the Raspberry Pi). You should pay attention to the special design of the cables microUSB cables spiral is ideal where you want to avoid accidental plątania cable, and it is desirable to neutralize the risk of accidental breakthrough free-hanging loop. We also recommend you a great sleeved cables – due to the outer woven layer of such wires show explicitly high mechanical strength. From accidental twisting of the cable, however, can save him form flat microUSB cables do not require periodic unraveling, which greatly facilitates operation.

Adapters and cables micro usb OTG

In this category we also included many different types of adapters allowing connection of peripheral devices such as drives, external hard drives or USB hubs – devices that support OTG. With a little modification of the system that interacts with a socket microUSB AB it is possible that the use of the same devices as the additional devices and the host. One of the little accessories in this group there is a OTG adapter microUSB – USB, almost invisible after the two interacting connectors. We also have a short adapter in the form of a wire of length 12 cm and 20 cm, complete with connector USB-A.