Wire USB A - B 2.0

Wire USB A - B 2.0 is available in our shop have a very wide range of applications. We offer both the basic model and the copies, characterized by additional functionality. The cable ensures a constant and stable transmission of data in contrast to wireless technologies. Although a bit less practical in some applications. We offer wire allow, in particular, the connection to the computer devices that are equipped with the still popular USB - B. here you will Find the special cables of different lengths, so the choice of a specific model tailored to Your needs not a problem.

Popular USB cables

USB is one of the most common standards, so you should have at least one cable that works with devices equipped with this port. The store Botland are, in particular, a budget model, characterized by good balance of price and performance. Before buying you should check how long is the cable you need and for the measured values, to do about 20 - 30% in the case of possible changes. We offer cables with a length of 1.5 m which is ideal in the case when the device that we want to merge are located close to each other. There are also instances of length 1.8 m, both grey and black. If you need long cables, select the model 3-meter, which has a high durability and flexibility. In our assortment you will find high quality cables feature an extremely useful filter, ferrite, which prevents distortion. This type of cable can be used to connect devices from remote USB port type B PC with the popular Arduino Uno.

Wire USB A - B 2.0 with additional functionality

The store Botland are also cables 3 in 1 designed for the more demanding users. The cable is completed with three tips - it is USB type B, mini-usb-B and micro usb B type, so that can be connected to three different devices at the same time. With our lines you may want to connect not only the Arduino Leonardo, but also the Arduino Uno, various kinds of time relay, as well as popular sets STM32Discovery. Unique design makes that there is no need to connect the cable included in the USB port of your computer. This kind of cable has a long lifespan even with intensive use, so if you need a multifunction cable, take advantage of our offer and enjoy the smooth operation of your devices.