The motors are Pololu micro MP series - Medium Power

Pololu micro-motors series medium power. Are characterized by an average current consumption.


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The motors are Pololu micro series Medium Power solution

The motors are Pololu micro Medium Power series are devices that offer the capabilities are aligned. This is a series of small engines lead, which is a compromise between efficiency and capabilities. Series High Power is based primarily on larger features, such as achieving high speeds, a large number of rpm and big power; choosing such equipment often has to reckon with a significantly reduced work time or wygospodarowaniem places on multiple links, which will act as storage of energy. A series of Low Power is primarily to be the most economical while maintaining the functionality; with these devices, you can count on a much longer period of device operation on a single charge, or greatly reduce the amount of space allocated, for example, batteries. Medium Power-is the Golden mean of both series. For students of technical universities, who intend to purchase components that are designed to serve for many projects, this kind of equipment is the most versatile.

What products we offer in this category?

The range of this series, you will find a wide selection of different engines. The choice is dependent on what function they should perform in the project. It is worth considering what is important to You-a lot of speed (high speed shaft) or on the power device. For example, for light car model is better suited to high speed, and in robotycznym shoulder a larger value will have power. These properties depend on the parameters of the applied mechanisms and the torque of the engine. The transmission is able, for example, reduce the speed of rotation of the shaft, but increasing its durability. We have engines with gearboxes 5:1, 10:1, 30:1, 50:1, 75:1, 100:1, 150:1, 210:1, 250:1, 298:1. Some models have specialized torque 0.1 kgf*cm, 0.2 kg*cm, 0.6 kg*cm, 0.9 kg*cm, 1.2 kg*cm, 1.4 kg*cm, 1.7 kg*cm 2.6 kg*cm, 3 kg*cm or 3.3 kg*cm of This kind of engines consume a relatively small amount of power at jednostajnego motion without load. Most of the models he needs to about 40 mA. However it should be noted that, for example, during engine start, this value may be, for example, 700 mA (this is the case the engine, gearbox 50:1 and a torque of 0.9 kg*cm). These models offer the possibility of acceleration to a speed of 75 rpm, 90 rpm, 100 rpm, 150 rpm, 170 rpm, 220 rpm, 290 rpm, 420 rpm, 730 rpm, 2200 rpm, and even 4400 rpm. In projects, which use engines of type micro, is often very important, perhaps the best organization of space. Possibly the smallest components facilitate this task and allow to reduce the size of the entire device. The offered motors Pololu micro MP all models have the same diameter (12 mm), weight (10 grams) and shaft diameter (3 mm). Note the different patterns between the length of the device; in most cases this is 24 mm, but we also have several models with a length of 26 mm. it Should be noted that these “long model” two additional millimeters with bilateral wałowi is an additional tip shaft on the other side of the engine, which is connected directly to its second end. Thanks to her reporting accountant, the building of the device can be mounted on an additional element encoder, so that you can monitor in real time your current speed and the position of the shaft. These data allow, for example, intelligent feedback control, whereby the engine speed can be easily checked using zaimplementowanego PID controller.