Modules RTC

Modules RTC - Ability to determine the exact timedate and time – is important for many electronic devices ranging from simple clocks and alarm clocks, and ending centralkach smart home and loggerach measurement data. The indication of time is one of their main functions. Ready-made modules RTC provide the current date and time, not only when the available power supply, but in the case of an interruption in the supply of energy for example, in the accident, and our real-time clock the device has a guaranteed effect.

Modules RTC - ideal for emergency determination time

Even when accurate synchronization with the standard, the display of the time, nothing will help, if not we will provide our device capabilities maintain the power after the disappearance of the voltage from the main power supply or battery. For this purpose, use a backup power source, most often in the form of a small lithium battery or a small battery. Power consumption in the mode of maintenance should be minimal so that energy lasted a long time. Added to this is the need of calculating leap years, the protection of the number of days in a given month... This is the challenge for the RTC.

Always on time with the module RTC (real-time egar)

RTC i.e. real time clock(eng. real time clock is a device that is so significant that more advanced microcontrollers already have a unit built-in as one of the on-Board systems, peripheral devices. Simpler microcontrollers and tile assessment (including arduino), but also computers jednopłytkowe (Raspberry etc.) is not equipped in the factory in real-time clock. In these cases come to the aid of the modules of the RTC. In our store you will find a small, cheap modules in the form of tiles supplied with goldpinów, and extremely easy to use shieldy arduino and circuit Board designed for Raspberry Pi.

Pretty little

Despite the many features, the clock RTC is usually a small fee the amount of which determines primarily the size of the used battery or connector. However, some of the modules to please their small size, predysponującymi them for use in devices in which space is not particularly affected. An example of such a clock is a Tiny RTC, external dimensions which slightly exceed the diameter of the CR2032 battery. If considering the use of the device, replacing the battery would cause great difficulties or would be impossible, should consider the purchase of the module with power retention with maintenance-free superkondensatora.