Ultrasonic cleaners

Proper cleansing of the surface of the printed circuit Board after soldering is extremely important and too often overlooked phase of Assembly. And it's not only for aesthetic reasons. Contamination remaining on the PCB after the soldering process – manual and automatic – visibly affect different, even very important electrical parameters. Manual scraping plates is not very accurate, and can often contribute to additional damage. The best method of cleaning, PCB ultrasonic cleaners. For this purpose, ultrasonic cleaners, including a wide selection you will find in this category.



How does ultrasonic washer?

All ultrasonic cleaners are basing their action on the phenomenon of cavitation. It consists in the automatic increase to increase the volume of microbubbles of gas (air) contained in the detergent solution, under the influence of the action of the ultrasonic waves with relatively low frequency. The bubbles gradually grow, which results in their destruction – and this, in turn, is associated with a huge and highly dynamic pressure changes in their volume. These changes in a very short time and microscopic areas cause separation of the contaminants from the surface of the cleaned object. That is why the car washes use frequencies of the order of several tens of kilohertz, and the power of the generated ultrasonic waves affects the cleaning efficiency and the potential to use solution.

The use of ultrasonic sinks

In addition to cleaning printed circuit boards after the soldering process, ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for several other applications. For example, on the websites of the electronic devices (in particular GSM), sinks used for cleaning heavily contaminated motherboards restored equipment. Technology ultrasonic cleaning happy to use professionals from other areas – for example, dentists (for disinfection of surgical instruments and prostheses), cosmetician (cleaning of tools and equipment) or persons engaged in Antiques restoration (removal of contaminants from metal objects). In terms of the nonprofessional, these devices are often used, for example, fans of fighting games, to clean small figures of complex shape, for which numerous and narrow alleys make it difficult or impossible precise removal of old dirt.

Ultrasonic washing machine the store Botland

In our offer you will find a number of different kinds of ultrasonic cleaners that are suitable for the rare applications of Amateur and professional workshops, in the workshops or the GSM services. The smallest and most simple models, e.g. EMK-998 with a capacity of 35 watts and a tank volume of 700 ml or VGT-800 (35 watts, 600 ml) ideal for cleaning small figures, or small printed circuit boards. For professional use, and for removing difficult contaminants from household use washing ultrasonic Codyson CD3800 power of 50 W. A social and montażowniach electronics perfect reliable model Jeken CE-6200A power of 70 W and a capacity of up to 1.4 L.