Spare parts

Using a drone everyday is inseparably tied with the risk of suffering from damages to the especially vulnerable elements. Moreover, if a drone is not equipped with dedicated cover that protects not only the main body but also its arms, the propellers are the most accident-prone. When rotation speed is high, the smallest impact from bumping into trees or into other objects in vicinity results in - most likely - irreparable damage of the fragile blades.


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That is why it is important to have important spare parts at hand! At any occasion that your drone is going to collide with something you will always be able to instantly fix it. You will not have to stop having fun for too long. Actually, your device will be ready to work again after a couple of minutes which is important for any photography enthusiast who knows that timing is key when it comes to taking high-quality pictures.

Spare parts for Yuneec Typhoon H drones

We at Botland sell a plethora of dedicated accessories and spare parts for Yuneec Typhoon H drones. If you are a lucky owner of this model, you should definitely safeguard your device with an authentic propeller cover. Even though it is equipped with smart sonars that allow for a collision-free landing in case one of the engines fails, it is still worth your time and money to think forward and prevent future damages from happening. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Besides the protective cover, we offer spare parts for the Yuneec drones, including sets of propellers (type A and type B which are sold separately), shock absorbers for landing gear, protective plates for camera and sets of landing gear elements - legs are sold individually. We also offer propellers and landing gear for the selfie mini-drones (Yuneec Breeze series). Propellers are the easiest to break so make sure you always have spare ones with you anytime you are flying your drone. It will save you so much stress if one of them gets damaged!

DIY drone modules

In our Botland store you will find various modules dedicated to drones. What is great about them is that they are universally compatible - not just with some particular products. They are actually spare parts for different flying devices that you can build yourself.

Flight controller HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board V3.0 is a tiny plate, printed with three installed gyro sensors, produced by a japanese manufacturer Murata, connectors for steering the driving gear and for linking RC receiver. Controller is also equipped with 3 calibrating potentiometers and everything is steered thanks to the 8-bit microcontroller AVR ATmega328.

Another model, which is a KK-Mini Multi-rotor LCD flight controller, comes equipped with IMU detectors (accelerometer + gyroscope MEMS) MPU-6050. Moreover, it has an LCD screen on board, buttons and a buzzer, all of which help greatly with using a driver, making the process easy to understand and intuitive. On the other hand, if you need a solid BLDC engine driver make sure to check out Flycolor FLY-20A. It boasts 20 A maximum current and a voltage in the impressive range of 7,4 V and 14,8 V.