Spare parts

Daily operation of drones is associated with the inevitable risk of damage to sensitive items. In the case of drones without a cover, covering, in addition to the body also shoulders car, the most exposed of the propeller during high speed rotation, the least collision with the object in the drone situation usually ends irreversible damage of the soft blades. So you should always have on hand spare parts for drones, which will allow You to fly without cumbersome interruptions in the service, even if necessary, replacement of the destroyed item.


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Spare parts for drone Yuneec Typhoon H

Drone Yuneec brand we have in our offer a number of specialized accessories and necessary spare parts. If you are the proud owner of a model H Yuneec Typhoon, you should definitely protect your drone using the original cap screws – although the car has built-in security tools, allows you to ski the whole attraction of the drone to the ground in case of failure of one of the disks, it is on the principle that it is better to prevent than to treat – is to think in advance about appropriate protection. In addition to the cover we also have genuine parts for Yuneec drones, including sets of screws (sold separately – type A and B), as well as the shock absorbers of the chassis, the protective plate in a camera or a set of elements of the mechanism chassis and chassis legs (sold individually). We also offer propeller and chassis for a miniature drone selfie from the Yuneec Breeze.

Spare parts for drone DJI

A series of powerful drones of DJI company is also without support of the manufacturer. In our store you will find spare parts for drone DJI Phantom – sets of the original screws in white color. When installing, note the direction of rotation of the blades (the caps vary in color rings – one silver, second black). Propellers mounted on the shafts of the drive motors BLDC motor using the technology of Quick Lock. Also available in original, black propellers for DJI Spark is also equipped with a ring that allows you to easily distinguish the location of the blades (included two pieces, one CW and CCW).

Modules for drones DIY

In our store you will find modules dedicated to specific types of drones, but universal, which spare parts for drones and other flying models of their own design. Flight controller HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board V3.0 is a small printed circuit Board mounted with three jednoosiowymi akcelerometrami piezo Murata, connectors for drives control, as well as to connect the RC receiver. The controller is equipped with 3 potentiometers calibration, and all this is running on 8-bit AVR ATmega328 microcontroller. Other model – flight controller KK-Mini Multi-rotor LCD is equipped with a sensor IMU (accelerometer + gyroscope MEMS) MPU-6050. In addition, the Board has a LCD display, button and buzzer, ideal for the convenient operation of the driver. However, if you need a reliable driver BLDC motors – a must see model Flycolor FLY-20A maximum current up to 20 A and the operation voltage range from 7.4 V to 14.8 V.