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Connector 4-pin Molex firms have become the standard in building computers represent the most common type of power connection with ATX power unit. In our assortment you will find everything you need to be able to apply these reliable connectors for Your project. To select the available like the version mounted on the cable, and solder on the PCB. The huge popularity of Molex connectors is derived from the perfect electric parameters, and a simple but sophisticated design.


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More power! - Molex Connector

Corresponding to the thickness of the contacts of the connector allows you to move currents of the order of 7A, that is of value sufficient for many devices built by us. The Molex connector does not allow reverse connection of the plug with the socket. Thus, it protects against short circuit and wrong polarity of the supply voltage. This word is for layout, not equipped with reliable protection. Replacement of poles supply voltage, because more often than not disastrous in its consequences for electronics, and in extreme cases can cause damage to the power pack, overheating of wires, or even fire.

Practical remarks on the use of Molex connectors

Raster findings connectors designed for mounting on printed circuit boards is 5.08 mm, which greatly facilitates their use in new projects. A significant advantage of the 4 pin Molex connectors - compatible with bundles of wires from computer power supplies ATX, so we can use these effective and popular power supplies in your own projects without having to restore the connector with older devices. We can choose the version of angular and straight, which greatly facilitates the landing areas of work contact for conditions, enclosure dimensions of our device.

Connector 4-pin Molex company

When designing the PCB, you must keep in mind to apply the mounting holes of the appropriate diameter. Detailed information on this topic you can find in the technical documentation available on our website. Molex connectors for mounting on pipelines consist of plastic housing and the contacts that you want to clamp on the insulated wires. If you select contacts, you should pay attention to their type a plug cooperates with the findings of male and female with female.