Fan - for Most of the electronic components to work properly, you need passive cooling, are provided both by radiation and convection (heat "goes to the mountains") and thermal conductivity (heat is removed through the tracks and vias on the PCB). Controls, CPUs , high power amplifiers power amplifiers or power supplies can, however, generate a large amount of heat, which walking is not possible using simple methods. To come into action fans.

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Products by page

How to connect a fan?

Often to run just the fan supply voltage – in the case of small fans, as a rule, the value of the supply voltage is 12V, at least 5 or even less. A typical computer fan (used for example for cooling CPU or graphics card) working voltage 12V. And different sizes of fans. In the specifications are indicated, more often, the external dimensions of the fan casing, for example, 80x80 means that the housing has a base a square of side 8 cm.

Fan - efficient cooling system

To know how to connect a fan enough to follow simple rules. Before you select a fan or crushed for the construction of the device, ensure that the distance between the holes (in the description) matches the gauge in the target program. In the case of simple fans see only two power wires (red "+" and black is "-"). If our fan has a third yellow wire – usually a pulse output, which allows to measure the fan speed by counting the frequency of pulses occurring synchronously with the rotation of the fan.

Fans with airflow control

Forced air movement is one of the most effective methods of cooling. Reliable the fan is the device needed to survive the hot, summer days. In our offer we have windmills that stand 230V with control of air supply and an automatic oscillation – working it, particularly in large rooms. The device with the function of oscillations for ensuring uniform cooling air. If you need a small fan for your room or office, a convenient option is the mini fan table. But people who do not leave the computer, a relief in summer days will bring turntable USB.