Cooling is an essential element of any computer, as well as many other electronic devices. Each device powered by any energy source has a parameter called energy efficiency. This parameter defines to what extent in the given process the supplied energy is converted into output energy. In this way, the amount of energy lost in a given process is determined.


  • Radiators Radiators

    Using the CPU under heavy load could lead to its overheating. To prevent such a failure, more or less extensive CPU cooling systems are used. Replacing the CPU heat sink may be a good idea, even on a new CPU. Often they are equipped with standard cooling, the capacity of which...

  • Utility fans Utility fans

    Cooling devices necessary on hot summer days.

  • Fans Fans

    While energy-saving technologies in electronics are gaining ground, it is unlikely that mechanical cooling devices will ever be completely abandoned. Currently, in this area, apart from liquid cooling systems, fans installed in casings are most often used. Although most...

  • The Peltier Elements The Peltier Elements

    Each device powered by any energy source is characterized by a parameter called energy efficiency, which determines the extent to which in a given process the energy supplied in it is converted into output energy. A thermoelectric cooling cell is composed of a layer of...

  • Paste and tape termoprzewodzące Paste and tape termoprzewodzące

    Thermally conductive materials efficiently cool computer components, reducing temperature and noise. For this purpose, thermal paste, thermally conductive adhesive and thermally conductive tapes are most often used. Thermally conductive tapes are very often used when paste or...

Products by page

Products by page

Why is this so important? Because electricity is lost in a given process, it is usually revealed by the added thermal energy. It is easy to observe this phenomenon on the example of classic, cheaper light bulbs. Usually, the heat generated in this context will be an undesirable factor. Often, excess heat poses a risk to the device itself. A great example are computers, electronic components or car parts. Failure to dissipate heat properly may result in damage to the component. Therefore, proper cooling is a very important element in the design of the devices.

Professional coolers and radiators for electronic equipment and computers

Radiators are the cheapest and most popular solution in passive cooling systems. But they are truly effective. The radiator is an element made of metal or metal alloys that dissipates heat well - it is usually an aluminum alloy. It has the form of a profiled block, the shape of which optimally transfers heat to the environment (air, water or other coolant). This device requires no additional power supply. In addition, our offer includes many other related devices that differ in size, shape and potential use.

When it comes to graphics coolers and processors, it is worth mentioning the solution which are thermally conductive tapes and pastes. These are very important elements that, thanks to the special chemical composition, will ensure a reduction in the temperature inside the device. Thermally conductive tapes and pastes significantly increase heat conduction at the interface between the surface of the cooled element and the radiator. To reduce the temperature as much as possible, use heat conductive tapes and pastes together with additional heat sinks. In places where there is no proper fastening of the heat sink, you can use tapes, which, thanks to adhesive coating on both sides, will attach the heat sink to the cooled element.

Don’t like radiators? Choose active cooling!

If the use of a radiators does not bring the expected results, select the active cooling available in our store. Heat pumps and water cooling are the basic elements of active cooling systems. These are popular solutions that work primarily as a cooling of computer components. You will often find active cooling in modern gaming sets.

In the Botland store you will find fans with dimensions starting from 25x25 mm, which are perfect for applications in microprocessor systems as computer cooling. Do you want to overclock your PC? No problem - we offer a special product - Peltier cells. This is another active cooling solution. A thin plate made of semiconductors, which thanks to the Peltier thermoelectric effect absorbs heat under the influence of current flow, which significantly improves the efficiency of cooling.

Different types of cooling systems

As you can see in the examples above, in this category you will find various types of cooling products. We have placed here classic devices that improve work comfort - professional radiators, fans (standing, desk, small, large fans). We also sell professional cooling devices for electronic components. Please familiarize yourself with the offer of graphics card radiators and engine heat sinks for mechanical devices, cooling pads for laptops and other particular professional coolers. In addition, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of fan covers and advanced products such as Peltier cells.

However, when choosing the best product, do not forget about your own preferences and needs. In addition to cooling systems for computers and electronic components, choose classic fans for the home and office. In our store we also have desk and standing fans of different diameters, including equipped with speed mode switches, automatic oscillation, adjustable angle of inclination, adjustable height, as well as a remote control. Check also the convenient travel fans that you can attach to your laptop via a USB port!