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Do you study electronics? Or maybe you create projects and want to test them before finally putting the components together? Or maybe you are simply fascinated as an amateur with the huge possibilities of automation and programmed electronics and would like to introduce them to your children?

Products by page

Products by page

It doesn't matter which of the above questions you answered positively. One thing is certain – breadboards and tiles are the basis of electronics!

The breadboards that you can find in our store are the perfect solution. Breadboards and electronic tiles allow for a fabulously simple connection of many electronic components. In the past, to connect the elements together, you had to etch the board, then solder the components, and finally connect. Very often there was an unpleasant surprise - the system didn't work. Thanks to the tiles, this can be done without soldering. So we can use the same elements in other projects, because the board is not damaged in any way. Brilliant in its simplicity, isn't it?

Electric tiles and breadboards – how to use it, how to learn it?

For experienced enthusiasts, breadboards are a total simplification and an indispensable element of work on various projects. In principle, they can test solutions on it with their eyes closed. If you do not belong to this group - do not panic. Electronic tiles and breadboards are not some very difficult devices. After a brief analysis, everything will become clear, and practice will only confirm it. The most important thing you need to know is that only one connecting cable or element leg is inserted into one hole of a particular breadboard. The way the plaques are arranged inside the tile is also worth remembering. There are a lot of tiles on the market, hence it may seem impossible. Nothing could be more wrong.

Laying items on breadboards is actually a relatively simple task, but there is a fairly high entry threshold. The point is that amateurs often only see these products and they can panic and think 'not suitable for this'. This is also not true. In fact, electronics (and later also: programmable electronics) is for everyone. In Botland, we prove it effectively - also by selling easy-to-use and great breadboards and electronic tiles!

400 holes tiles  

Tiles with 400 holes are one of the most interesting as well as one of the most popular devices of the entire category. Why? Because thanks to it, you can build the vast majority of simple systems. In this type of device, the conventional power lines are located on two edges. Each of these lines is separate. What's more, there are two columns in the middle of the tile, separated by a cut-off. Each column consists of 30 plates with 5 holes in each of them. As a result, each column allows us to obtain 30 individual signals to which we can connect up to 5 elements.

Thanks to the various elements that protrude from the plastic housing, several tiles can be joined together. So as you can see - there are quite a few possibilities!

Are you looking for a different tile? We have plates, e.g. 630 holes, 830 holes, and even whole sets. Check all the above products carefully!

Electronic tiles – great educational tools for everyone

Since we already know so much about the presented products, it is worth summarizing their benefits. First of all, breadboards and tiles guarantee plenty of possibilities. How we use these products depends only on us. For this reason, parents who want to encourage children to become interested in electronics often buy such tiles. The effects are better than good!

Secondly, above all, such tiles and breadboards are an incredibly simple way to learn electronics for everyone or to test the constructed diagrams without having to solder and re-etch in case of mistakes. In addition, you can create more projects from the same elements, because everything is like new.

When you learn how to place elements on the tiles, you realize that it is difficult to make a mistake, because everything is clearly visible on the plate. Creating your prototypes has never been so quick and easy, because in case of a mistake, all you have to do is reattach the cable. But that's not all - thanks to the possibility of connecting several contact plates with each other, you can create more advanced and complex projects. Once you have mastered the use of these devices, you are only one step away from making your own robots! Our store has many different tiles - everyone will choose something for themselves. If so, please contact us!