Tiles contact

Tiles contact

Learn electronics? And can you create projects, and you want to check them out before signing up to connect the parts? Anyway, plate pin, which you will find in our store is the perfect solution. Contact tiles allow for fabulously just a combination of many electronic components. Once to link together the data elements needed tile wytrawić, then solder the components, and finally connect. Very often there was an unpleasant surprise – the system is not working. Through the contact plates, you can do without soldering. That is, we have the possibility of using the same elements in other projects, because the tile is in no way damaged. Brilliant in its simplicity.

Laying items on the Board contact – do it yourself

For the ardent lovers of the contact plate is a total simplification and an indispensable element of the work on different projects. In principle, you can check the solution on it with my eyes closed. If you do not belong to this group – do not panic. Tile connector is not the problem, come from the "Mensa". After a short analysis it will be clear and the practice is only to confirm. The main thing that you need to know is the fact that one hole is inserted, only one connecting wire or leg of the item. It is worth remembering also the location of the plaques inside the tiles. On the market is the whole mass of the tile contact, hence may appear impossible. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Contact plate 400 holes - discussion

This is one of the most popular contact plates, as it is possible to build the vast majority of simple layouts. In this Board contractual supply lines are located on both sides, and each of them is separated. Moreover, the middle plates are located in two columns that are separated is a shut-off device. Each column consists of 30 plates, and 5 holes. That is, every column allows us to obtain 30 signals for which we can stick to 5 items. Due to the elements, which protrude from the plastic housing, you can bridge a pair of contact plates. You are looking for other tiles? We have tile, for example, holes 630, 830 holes, and even entire sets. Contact us and check.


Now that we know so much about the contact plates, is to gather into one their good side. First of all, it's an incredibly simple way of learning electronics or validation of the generated circuits without soldering and re-etching in case of an error. In addition, these same elements can create other projects, because everything is as new. As I'm placing items on the Board, then understand that it is difficult to make a mistake, because the contact plate are all clearly visible. The creation of their prototypes, it has never been so quick and easy, as in the case of an error, all you have to do is przepiąć cable. Moreover, due to the possibility of connection with each other several contact plates, you can create projects more complex and powerful. Our store has a lot of different tiles – each choose something for themselves.