You already have enough situations in which connect the two parts, lutujesz wire and, finally, it turns out that not everything is working correctly? The reasons can be many, however, it should be fitted in the contact plate, through which to test the project before final connection of the components.

Tiles contact – take care of your comfort

For simple designs based on printed circuit boards, just the contact plate, which has, for example, 170 holes. Of course, the assortment of our store, you will find much larger and more complex models, which have 3220 holes to even really professional design can be thoroughly tested for correct operation.

People with great experience in programming and design, may require more facilities, because their projects are much more complex. We have a range of contact plates, which are stable feet, anti-slip, so it is sufficient to supply the product, and you can proceed to interconnect the system elements.

Additional sets for professionals

Interesting offer for all designers who often deal with projects that use several separate elements, sets having strips indicating the polarity. We also offer tile contact, which are holes with stiff leads to food – thanks to them in a fast and convenient way to connect the entire system to the power source. Users need only connecting cablesto have the opportunity to begin your comfort with the product.

We invite you to check the range, are on sale Botland. We guarantee high quality products because the satisfaction of our customers is a priority. If you are starting the adventure with creating systems based on printed circuit boards or development projects using the mini-computer, we recommend that you contact our specialists who will gladly assist you in choosing the right equipment and answer all messages. The accessories available in this category, which ensures maximum comfort, and, consequently, the speed of progress of the work.