Holders for LEDs

Despite the universal availability of color touch screens with high resolution, in many cases still fit the simplest means of communication of the device with the user. The ideal form of the optical signalling LEDs – these, however, is put in the appropriate frames to not only look good in the panel of our device, but does not create problems with installation or a possible exchange. In this category you will find holders for LEDs are perfect for any type of body.


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LED - stream
LED lighting angle
LED shape
LED mount
LED bulb - thread
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LED lens
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Holders for LEDs – what to choose?

A significant gap holders for LEDs is based on:

  • led size (diameter of its body),
  • the material of the shell,
  • the method of installation in a panel or printed circuit Board.

The most common rim is designed for round, through hole LEDs with a diameter of 3 mm and 5 mm. From the point of view of the materials from which is made the cartridges, it is possible to divide them into metal and plastic, most often nylon. In the case of holders of plastic the most common way of installation, by pressing the holder in a properly prepared hole in the housing, although there are versions with bolt-on. Some cartridges have a latch preventing hair loss from the hole in the panel, others in short – devoid of these elements. A metal frame is often equipped with a nut and washer elastic that automatically a bad contact holder, the casing vibration or just over time.

Holders for mounting on printed circuit boards

Holders for LEDs, which is not so much in the panel that on the same printed circuit Board have different design and objective. Take most often the form of a cylinder with a diameter corresponding to the size of the LEDs, with two holes through which you need to translate the outputs of the diode to its wlutowaniem into the plate. The purpose of the sleeve is the definition of led from the surface of the printed circuit Board that has a value of, for example, when we install a line of several LEDs, and we are interested in obtaining is equal to the distance from the plate and angle relative to the surface. Special type holders for the LEDs used on the PCB holders are the corner – they facilitate the placement of the LEDs, whose beam direction must be parallel to the surface of the plate. Such cartridges are often sold together with located on them with LEDs. For obvious reasons, such cartridges can be made of metal – most often we are faced with a version of nylon that provide the necessary isolation wyprowadzeniom LEDs.

Installation of SMD LEDs

In the case of SMD, it is somewhat more complicated – you can not directly put them in the panel and connect through wires, like we do with classical diodes TNT. Given the small size of the elements, not there are also holders for SMD. In these cases come to the aid of the printing in the form of small adapters-in accordance with the base and a number of insights to the most popular sizes of SMD diodes. In our assortment you will find tile prototypes for led SMD5050 – ideal, for example, to connect separate trójkolorowych LEDs WS2812 digital.