Holders for LEDs

LED technology is in rapid development and has already gained a foothold in the lighting industry. But LED technology can do much more: new applications, large selection, and cost-effectiveness make the LEDs interesting to use in many types of products, from life jackets to measuring instruments. To mount a LED safely, it’s necessary to place it in a special holder first. Thanks to a holder, the LED can be placed on the printed circuit board. The LED holders available in our online store allow LEDs to be connected to the circuit in a simple and convenient way. LEDs with holders are used in a variety of applications, such as dashboards, control panels, indicators, and many more. In the Botland store, you will find LED holders in various versions, so you can easily find a product that will match your project.


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What are the LED lights?

A semiconductor is a substance that conducts current, and a diode is a semiconductor that conducts current only in one direction. A diode thus becomes a substance that conducts current fairly well only in one direction. To make LED lights, a suitable and heavily doped semiconductor is connected to power. It will emit monochromatic light. Basically, not much light is emitted and today's LED light will thus almost always have some device that controls the light in the direction you want. The first LEDs came on the market in the sixties. They were relatively dim and often red. These diodes were used as indicator lights for, among other things, household appliances.

What are the benefits of LED lighting?

There are several benefits to LED lighting. LED technology continues to evolve and now meets a multitude of needs. A light-emitting diode refers to an electronic component used to transform electricity into light. Today, it is used in various fields: mobile electronics, the automotive industry, the manufacture of screens as well as signage and lighting. Without LED lighting, many modern solutions wouldn’t exist. For example, smartphones using led screens save battery because the brightness of the screen is a major source of energy consumption.

LED technology is also widely used in the automotive industry. It is finally found in heaps of consumer products, from your phone to your mouse through light panels. Regularly, new variants of LEDs appear in order to find new applications for this innovation.

How to choose a holder for LED?

To choose a suitable holder for your LED, you must take into consideration such aspects as

the size of your LED (diameter of its body), the material of the shell, the installation method

(in a panel or printed circuit Board). There are metal and plastic LED holders. Plastic holders are more popular because they are easy to install. At, you will find a large selection of diverse LED holders. We guarantee that all our products are made from high-quality materials, and thus they will meet all your needs and expectations. If you don’t know, which LED holder will be a good solution for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our professional advisers will be happy to help you.

Mounting a LED holder to a circuit board

LED holders can differ from each other according to their design and objective. The most popular LED holders have the shape of a cylinder with a diameter corresponding to the size of the LEDs. This kind of product usually has two holes through which terminals can be dragged.

LED holders are necessary in some projects, for example, when you want to install a line of several LEDs, and each of them should have equal distance from the plate.

Buy LED holder at and enjoy large selection of products

In this category, you will find products such as 5 mm LED holders, distance sleeves for LED diodes, 3 mm LED holders, metal LED holders, plastic LED holders, prototype boards for LED diodes, and many more! Check our catalog to find the product, that will meet your needs. We provide reasonable prices and fast delivery.