Weather sensors

Nowadays, weather sensors are actually the basis. Imagine a dark winter morning when you have to get up for school or work. But you do not know what temperature is outside the window, is it humid, is the wind blowing, or maybe in the era of infamous smog problems, the air quality is so low that maybe it would be better to stay at home? It does not matter if we ask ourselves questions as simple as the above or we want to ... create an advanced robot that works under the weather conditions! High-quality weather sensors will be used in each case.

Products by page

Products by page

In this category, we present various types of weather sensors that you can use to create Internet of Things projects and implement them into your robot. Imagine, for example, a self-made air humidifier that turns on only when an appropriate sensor detects too low air humidity. Or imagine an application with a sensor programmed so that the window blinds close at the bottom only when it is too bright outside. Due to technological development, the impossible becomes possible.

Stock up on weather sensors or build your own weather station using temperature, air purity, humidity and rainfall sensors available in Botland.

How do weather sensors really work and why they are so important?

There are many types of weather sensors. Some devices can measure the air quality (heavy dust presence), others the temperature or humidity level. Still other weather sensors are responsible for checking the sun's level and / or brightness. Of course, in our offer you will also find multifunctional devices that have been equipped with a number of different options. Thanks to this, you can measure the parameters you want with one sensor.

Weather sensors are devices that you can easily use in various types of DIY projects. A great example is the so-called room regulators. They are responsible for maintaining the temperature at the preferred level in the room in which they are installed. By purchasing such a sensor and other components, you can create an automated temperature management system at home. You can program it in such a way that - for example - only after exceeding 25 degrees Celsius in the room the air conditioning starts. Or vice versa - you can define when the heating will turn on.

Weather sensors for programmable electronics enthusiasts

We have prepared a lot of different weather sensors for you. Here you will find small and discreet devices as well as ready-made, larger modules with built-in power systems. Many of the presented devices are fully compatible with programmable electronics - popular microcomputer development kits, such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

What is worth to buy? DS18B20 temperature sensors with 1-wire interface are a popular choice. These devices are widely used and appreciated for a wide range of temperature measurements and simple operation from the level of the 1-wire interface microcontroller. They are easy to connect to the SYH-2R series resistive humidity sensors. Thanks to this, you will create a simple and efficient weather station yourself. If you want to expand the possibilities of your station, use a very interesting sensor of humidity, temperature and pressure BME280. Equip your project with dust and air purity sensors (DSM501B, PMS5003, SDS011). For the most demanding electro-electric enthusiasts, we recommend Arduino or Combo CCS811 / BME280 weather station modules, which allow you to measure pressure, temperature, air humidity and many other parameters.

Turn it on and start measuring – ready-to-use weather stations!

Of course, you don't have to be a fan of wires, soldering or microprocessor programming to have your weather station. In Botland you will find ready-made Green Blue GB522 WiFi weather stations, which are ready to use out of the box. The device allows you to take a multitude of measurements. It can even check the phases of the moon and the trends of weather conditions. The above-mentioned Wi-Fi communication module deserves attention. Thanks to it, you can observe the measurements from anywhere in your apartment or house, also via a smartphone.

Ready-made weather stations are based on the Arduino system and can measure CO2, TVOC, atmospheric pressure, temperature and air humidity. These devices are able to detect electrical discharges within a radius of 40 km. Go to the products tab to see how many other options this station offers. If you have any questions - please contact us!