Extension for Banana Pi

Minikomputer Banana Pi offers the user wide possibilities of extension in various projects, including prototypowaniem concepts for application in nature, as hobbystycznym as a professional. Botland store offers special extensions to add standard features Banana Pi such as a web camera with recording function in the dark, touchscreen LCD, wi-fi antenna and connecting cables. Check out our offer and discover even more potential in the platform, Banana Pi!

Camera for Banana Pi – a practical solution for video recording and picture taking – not only in the daylight!

The module is a small camera BPI-D1 is located on a small printed circuit Board with a size of 38x38 mm. in addition to standard video recording and the camera has the IR sensor allows you to record in the dark and a built-in electret microphone with a diameter of 4 mm. Built-in 32-bit CPU Ankya 3918 hours on a clock frequency of 400 MHz works great and provides a good quality picture processing and sound. The module is also equipped with a memory capacity of 64 MB and FLASH memory of 16 MB that can be expanded up to 32GB using a microSD card. The camera can record video in 720p at 30 frames per second. Connecting the camera to the Board a platform Banana Pi is due to the 24-pin GPIO connector. The camera can also be used in projects of the Internet of things, such as remotely operated monitoring system picture and sound.

A display for Banana Pi – clear images with the touch interface

Our offered module color display, touch screen LCD display with 800x480 resolution and a diagonal of 7” includes insert for printed circuit BOARDS, which supports the transmission of video interfaces HDMI, VGA and AV, the HDMI interface ensures a complete compatibility with Raspberry Pi. The display is characterized by high image quality, also, if you view him at a very acute angle. Can be used as a rear view monitor in car, interface control CNC machines, as well as surveillance images that require particularly high image quality from the cameras. To get the best image effect, it is recommended to use a separate plan minikomputera Banana Pi power supply with a rated voltage of 5 V and maximum load current of 1 A.