Case for Banana Pi

Banana Pi near mini-computers like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or BeagleBone, is a versatile tool for prototyping various devices with a very wide range of possibilities of hardware and software. Among the accessories for “banana,” such as external modules that extend the basic functionality of the base unit and power supply, we also offer specially designed housing for the mini-computer and router Banana Pi, available in various colors and shapes. Check out our offer and choose the most appropriate cover!

Reliable protection against mechanical damage and environmental influences

Banana Pi is because of their capabilities of hardware and software from the look, the impressive number of connectors for integration with external devices is reason enough. To be able to enjoy years of reliability and efficient action of this micro-computer, it is necessary to equip it to the panel. The lack of housing increases susceptibility to the access of dust to the electronics and the risk of mechanical damage, for example, in case of a fall minikomputera on the floor. The installation of an appropriate body substantially eliminates these problems.

Case for Banana Pi – elegant and perfectly contoured

In addition to the excellent protective housing for minikomputera Banana Pi has a high level of accuracy, which is very positive effect on their appearance. In our buildings, you'll find the case designed for all models of the mini-computer and network router series Banana Pi. Housings are available in black, white and transparent. The polymer material provides high durability of the body. Available version that contains only the lower and the upper cover, and the version with the buildings around the connectors. In each set, with the housing are the mounting screws. All openings in the enclosure is precision-cut so that the housing can easily be dopasowała PCB minikomputera or router.