Food Banana Pi

System built-in, including Banana Pi, you need to act appropriately sized power supply that will ensure reliable operation of the device. The key parameters that affect the correct functioning of the minikomputera Banana Pi are the nominal voltage and the maximum current performance. In our offer you will find suitable for this purpose, the power supply network and power Bank. Power supplies in this category are also compatible with minikomputerem Raspberry Pi and the lining Hat.

Power adapters for Banana Pi

Minikomputer series Banana Pi requires a power supply using the AC adapter with a connector with an inner diameter of 1.6 mm and an outer diameter of 4.4 mm. Required voltage at the output of the power supply must be 5 Volts and a maximum current of 2 A. the Use of an independent power source is the optimal solution which provides a guarantee of high reliability of supply. In the case of using minikomputera for projects with very high energy requirements enough to give the power directly from the PC to the micro-USB port. The use of power adapter with different characteristics than those recommended by the manufacturer may cause permanent damage minikomputera.

Power Banks – power for Banana Pi mobile

More and more portable multimedia devices powered from power banks small warehouses electricity, very often a pocket size. We offer power bank Outdoor capacity 10050 mAh and an output voltage of 5 V provides power minikomputera Banana Pi continuously for time, approx. 5 hours under conditions of greatest demand for energy. Power bank will be closed in the aesthetic, waterproof shell of durable plastic. Small size and weight, as well as large capacity power Bank, allow it to be used to power a variety of devices in places where there is no direct access to power supply from the mains. The kit includes a cable with connector type is micro USB.