Sensors and alarms

Sensors that enhance comfort and convenience in daily life.


Smart Home

Sensors and alarms in every home or apartment

Safety is the Foundation to feel free while staying indoors. It should, however, know what elements are needed to provide protection to all at a satisfactory level.

Key components include sensors of smoke in case of fire will be much earlier to inform of the impending threat. Should set their sensitivity at a high level, but should be especially careful. Inform everyone about the use of such tools.

Using the signals of the burglar, motion sensors needed. Complex system not only detects the intruder and triggers an alarm, but will report service or security company that she could instantly intervene.

If the house has gas installation, the gas sensors (in particular, natural gas) must be installed in each room. Gas is very dangerous to health and life, if tenants or persons residing in the facility are in places without effective ventilation and constant air circulation. You need to react instantly when a threat is detected. Natural gas is odorless and colorless, so no sensor is extremely irresponsible decision.

Additional protection

We also have sensors zmierzchowe. They adjust the light based on the intensity of the sun and time of day. It is an ideal solution for verandas, terraces, lighting ads, banners, sign and lamp exterior.

Solar cells is another example of innovative components. Perfectly suitable for the automation of gates, to prevent collision of the valves with other objects that are near. You can use them on all the entry gates, szlabanach, and even the doors and entrances. The remaining funds for the construction of automation systems linear drives, motors, miniature computers, etc. you will find in other categories of our online store.