Sensors and alarms

In this category we offer sensors and alarms designed for use in security systems, in particular fire safety or protection from hacking. Available as device operating independently and the items you can use in your project. The range includes motion sensors, smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, twilight and many other products.


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Products by page

Sensors and alarms

Sensors and alarms are an essential element of domestic and industrial security systems. Proven themselves as part of the support of automation (e.g., motion sensors that ensure the lights at the time of entry into the room). Available in our range of alarms and sensors may become part of Your project or used as a standalone unit.

The sensors and alarms you will find in our assortment?

In this category you will find, among others:

  • motion sensors (microwave, infrared) that can be used in systems with protection from burglary or home automation, for example to control lighting or other devices
  • gas sensors/butlowego, so you can detect gas leakage and to take security measures
  • sensors for carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide), which can detect even tiny amounts of THAT and to prevent infection of people in the building
  • the smoke sensors (optical, thermal, chemical) to prevent the spread of fire in case of fire
  • sensor that detects the opening of doors or Windows that can be used as a protection element przeciwwłamaniowej
  • sensor cigarette smoke for use in places with Smoking ban
  • sensors dusk for use in home automation (e.g. automatic light control)
  • siren to sound the alarm of danger

How to choose the right product?

If you plan to use the sensors and alarms in your project or to purchase a device for remote control, make sure that the selected model is compatible with the platform to control it. Also pay attention to the power settings and the connection method, especially in the case of devices intended for mounting on an ongoing basis. If you choose the smoke sensor, gas or Chad, remember that they have a limited field of action - in very large rooms may require the installation of more than one instance.