Organizers for wires

Organizer for cables - Although it is generally accepted that anywhere a creative work of art reigns-the disorder, in the case of the electrical connection point of honor each of us should be policing not only in the workplace but also within the device. To facilitate this task, it is best to apply appropriate elements designed for holding, fixing and marking of cables, that is, an organizer for cables.

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Products by page

Organizer of cables - Laid cables, wire, wires

One of the easiest solutions successfully used for complex wire harness, the wire organizerhaving a plurality of levels of the spiral naciętej, flexible tube. Significant advantages of this organizer are: the possibility of input or output wires from the beam not only at the ends, but anywhere along the entire length of the beam, and easy setup required length of pipe can be cut with scissors or obcinaczek. Because the material of the tube is very flexible, allowing you to use it for cables of different diameters and cross-sectional shape. One of the most popular applications of this form of the cable harness recently a 3D printer.

Organizers for wires – stick

In our offer is also available for mounting components in the form of small handles. They allow you to organize cables installation, for example, by fastening them to the wall or floor by means of nails or the table with the sticky layer. These latter lend themselves particularly well as a handle under the table. Will allow to organize power cables, USB and all kinds of other compounds that previously were difficult to maintenance and cleaning the tangle. If necessary, secure attachment of cable or thin beam, using come a variety of clips for the cables.

Something for demanding - Through-organizer cables

In the case of devices designed to meet the requirements of integrity would be useful also cable glands size taking into account the thickness of the cable or peszla. This type of seal is assembled by screwing onto panel and rubber seals ensure complete sealing as at the junction of the passage with the housing and the wire insulation. For less demanding applications fit a simple rubber strip. More wiring however it should be noted – in addition to organizerów cables available in our store also sets of markers. Very they facilitate not only installation but also subsequent maintenance of the device.