Organizers for wires

Although it is commonly accepted that there is a kind of so-called artistic disorder in every place of creative work, in the case of electrical connections, it is a point of honor for each of us to maintain order not only at the workplace, but also inside the device. The main problem that creates clutter at the desk is the problem of tangled cables. Cables that leave the computer, console and other equipment reduce our comfort and security. They take up a lot of space and create a mess, making it difficult to carry out daily activities.

Products by page

Products by page

There is an easy way to get rid of the burning problem with cords all over the place once and for all. In this way it turns out to be the purchase of a device such as a computer cable organizer. The cable organizer is a special device thanks to which we can bring order to the desk and the desk.

In this category, we present various models of cable organizers, the use of which will surely affect our overall efficiency and satisfaction. Such elements for organizing, fastening and labeling cables are inexpensive, but the effects of using them are immediately noticeable! Check out all the products below!

Cable organizer for the sake of order at the desk and peace of mind 

The cable organizer is an extremely effective tool that is also very cheap. However, it is worth noting that there are many types of these products. One of the simplest variants, which is successfully used for complex cable harnesses, is the cable organizer in the shape of a spiral-cut flexible tube. The significant advantages of such an organizer is the possibility of introducing or leading out the wires from the bundle not only at the ends, but also anywhere along the entire length of the bundle. 

Additionally, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in the case of such a device it is very easy to adjust the product to the required length. It is enough to cut such a 'pipe' with scissors or cutters to adjust it to the given length. Due to the fact that the material of the tube is very flexible, it can be used for cables of various diameters and cross-sections. Recently, 3D printers are one of the most popular applications of this form of cable harness organization.

Cable holders as an alternative to organizers  

You don't have to decide to buy classic organizers. There are also other similar options that may be more effective for your situation. The offer of the Botland store in this category also includes available mounting elements in the form of small cable holders (for cables, but also for cords and wires). They allow you to organize installation cables, e.g. by fixing them to a wall or a skirting board with nails or to a table top (only the adhesive layer is needed). The latter will work especially well as desk holders. Such solutions will allow you to effectively organize power cables, USB cables and all sorts of other connections that previously created a tangle that was difficult to service and clean. On the other hand, if you need to firmly attach the cable or a thin bundle, a variety of cable clips will come to your aid.

Make your desk organized with professional cable glands

In the case of devices that are to meet the air-tightness requirements, cable glands with dimensions adapted to the thickness of the cable or conduit will be helpful. Unlike cable holders and organizers, these products are mainly characterized by the fact that they are placed for life. These are usually devices that are inserted into an opening within a desk. This type of cable glands are mounted by bolting to the housing panel, and rubber gaskets ensure complete tightness both at the contact of the bushing with the housing and with the cable insulation. Simple rubber grommets are suitable for less demanding applications. 

Larger cable bundles are worth marking - apart from cable organizers, also sets of markers are available in our store. They greatly facilitate not only assembly, but also subsequent servicing of the device. Overall, cable entries are a statistical solution, once installed, that can be used all the time. Perfect for smaller and larger desks. Thanks to such products, you will no longer face the problems with tangled USB cables and other cables. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us. We invite you to place orders!