Magnet - includes items based on the action of magnet: electromagnets, magnets traditional, magnetic valves and locks are electric. They are used for installation in access control systems, for regulating flow of a substance to move, transport or lifting of objects, and the element of compasses, jewelry, toys, magnetic stirrers, filters, oil or magnetic couplings. Are also part of a more complex electrical and electronic devices, among other things, generators, measuring devices, and electric motors.


  • Electromagnets Electromagnets

    Electromagnets In our store are available a wide range of electromagnets . Systems using electrically magnets can attract, repel or otherwise move or lift objects made of ferromagnetic metals such as iron, less cobalt or Nickel. The electromagnets holding and pushing are...

  • Traditional magnets Traditional magnets

    The traditional magnets (permanent) constructed of materials, showing a solid and strong magnetic properties. Uses, in particular, neodymium magnets, ferrite and Alnico (an alloy of iron with additions of aluminum, Nickel and cobalt), as well as magnets based on rare-earth...

  • Locks electric Locks electric

    Electric locks are ideal for use in various projects, electronic, especially those which are connected with the functioning of the house. This type of closure can be used in doors, drawers or boxes . The electric locks do not require use of the key , Wake up , and can be...

  • Valves Valves

    Solenoid valves regulate the flow of the working medium (liquid or gas). The control represents in them a magnet - the current flowing through it creates a magnetic field and changing the position of the valve. Solenoid valves are divided into direct actions and devices...

Products by page

Products by page

Magnets and devices based on their use

Magnets and devices using them can be used in many projects, electronic, at that time tinkering, and in other situations - for example, for wall mounting, grip the metal elements, to create jewelry or making more complex decisions, such as engines, electric or acoustic system. When choosing magnets and devices based on their application, it is necessary to pay attention not only on technical parameters (strength, needs nourishment, etc.), but also to adapt to the conditions in the place where the magnet will be used. For example, if the target location reigns high humidity, you should choose products that are resistant to corrosion (e.g. ferrite magnets).

What are the benefits of using magnets?

The use of magnetic elements allows, first of all, to reduce the wear of mechanical parts. Because of this, locks, lifts, and other devices employed by magnesom are much more durable than their all-mechanical counterparts. For example, neodymium magnets do not lose their properties for hundreds of years. And locks and solenoid valves of direct action are characterized by the time of opening and closing that is less than all the locks and mechanical valves.

Electromagnets and magnets traditional

Permanent magnets are perfect for mounting, for mounting objects, as well as in devices that require continuous action of a magnet (speakers magnetoelektryczne, magnetic filters). And electromagnets that provide the magnetic effect only after connection of the appropriate voltage, and work perfectly with systems where the magnet should be operated only at certain moments. An example of such installations can be excavators, cranes, electric locks, electromagnetic valves, or generators.