The GSM modules

GSM module - Although the transfer of information at distance accompanies man since ancient times, this use for this purpose the electricity (and soon electromagnetism) had its beginning less than two centuries ago. Today no one is surprised by the possibility of voice communication with another person, regardless of whether it is in the same building or on the other side of the globe. Thanks to modern GSM modules is also possible communication with the device controllers, telemetry systems or robots and flying cars. In this category you will find the GSM modules for installation on the target device, as all ready shieldy and Board compatible with Arduino and has an integrated GSM modules.

Products by page

Products by page

The GSM modules, i.e. communication, SMS, HTTP and more

Produced today the GSM modules allow you to use almost all the advantages that brings with it the development of modern mobile communication networks. And although there are still many modules, support voice calls, at the present time, this feature is relatively less often used in devices that are not included in the segment of mobile phones for data transmission, control, measuring or test much more useful is the ability to send and receive SMS and incoming calls. In the latter case, the choices available are almost all major protocols and operating modes, including querying, HTTP, low-level connection TCP and UDP, also support transfer files to/from server FTP. Importantly, almost all the GSM modules support the AT command, that is easy to implement the Protocol text, which can be used to perform manual test of the module using any terminal emulation program that supports virtual serial ports (using a Converter USB-UART).

The GSM modules in all sizes

In our range we offer a wide range of GSM modules, in the form of small-scale models for wlutowania on the target device, as the finished plates equipped in the power supply circuit, antenna and all required connectors and configuration elements. In this first group were, for example, GSM/GPRS module Fibcom G510 Q50-00 is designed for surface mounting using a pin located on all four sides of the base size of 20, 2 season 22 series,2 mm. a Little more ready GSM module-GPRS-Bluetooth – h-v nanoGSM.1.08. On a small Board size 30x32 mm was (besides the module), and two antenna connector U. FL, the Power button, mini-usb socket, there are LEDs and slots for SIM card and the pads in wlutowania goldpin connectors 2.54 mm. As if that wasn't enough, on the same Board fit even microchip charge controller Li-polymer.

Lining GSM for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

If Your project is based on Arduino and you want to avoid wires between the GSM module and the base Board, You probably have to taste one of our overlays Arduino Shield that contains a GSM module installed on the Board designs are 100% hardware compatible with the Arduino. A good example is the DFRobot Shield GSM/LTE/GPRS/GPS tile not only offers fast digital communication through a cellular network, but also access to your current location (with GPS receiver). For Raspberry Pi we propose a similar module Waveshare LTE GPS HAT compatible in size with Raspberry Pi is Zero, as well as with all other modules of the series 3B+/3B and 2B.