GSM modules

To develop the drone, robot, RC model, or a remote-controlled helicopter or boat is only the beginning of an adventure with the whole project. System equipment necessary modules and systems is the Foundation with which to face every designer. Our goal is to provide You all the elements required to create a unique systems and cutting-edge design. Learn about what GPS modules for Arduino and the store is, You to offer!

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Products by page

The DPS modules Arduino – navigation and its functionality

GPS is currently the most popular navigation system in the world. It facilitates drive, travel, visit new places, cities, and even often allows you to find lost or stolen equipment, which will be informed associated with a receiver intercepting a GPS signal is not a difficult task, and more and more companies provides its products to this type of functionality in case of loss of phone, laptop or other devices using the navigation module. You can also use items such as universal locators GPS / GSM/Bluetooth – we also have a range that works inside the building.

To the naked eye, how many applications has the GPS module, so for complex structures based on Arduino, Raspberry or other minikomputerach, you should use it at least to protect from loss or theft. Modules and GPS receivers, are increasingly installed in cars, buses and trains to accurately determine their position and to indicate the possible delay time is a very useful feature for people living in big cities where public transport sometimes have to deal with zakorkowanymi the streets.

GPS and robotics – an inseparable pair

Fans of robotics have to know the capabilities of the GPS navigation in the end probably use them in almost all their projects. Why should you equip a drone, a robot or a RC model based on Arduino GPS module? Because one mistake in the program design or poor assessment of opportunities may result in loss of signal and control the robot when the drones were not yet so advanced technologically, as now, such situations arise quite often.