Adhesive tapes are indispensable in the workshop and on the road. The richness of their types makes sure you can use them as to protect sensitive electronic devices, wire insulation, protecting components from high temperatures, and Assembly work during the repair. Of course, each of these applications requires a different type of tape. A variety of available materials and their characteristic parameters, which makes you can do yourself with a tape in greater numbers (even time-consuming and specialized) works. Check out how wide selection of these accessories, we have prepared for You in Botland.



Products by page

Products by page

If you damage the cable

All pre-prepared wire is already equipped in isolation, but in the course of operation often occur damage to this vital layer of dielectric. To protect against punctures or electric shock applied tape insulation. Several times wrapping (electrical contacts can be damaged area with insulating tape provides basic protection, which is especially important when replacing the cable is impossible at the moment. In our store you will find different color of ribbons is useful not only for aesthetic reasons but also practical (to differentiate wires). On the necessity of work in the workshop electrical and electronic we also have a product action of the reverse, that is, a tape lining. It helps, in particular, to Supplement the damaged tracks on the PCB.

If you want something to fix

When installing elements, make sure you have double-sided foam tape. As in office tapes bilateral, primary material (in this case, however, it is not a thin film, but a much more thick layer of soft foam) covered with relatively strong adhesive. Significant base thickness of the foam, of course, facilitates the use of this type of tape, for example, on surfaces with high roughness. Thinner tape allows you to level irregularities of surfaces to be bonded, and, roughly speaking, provides a distance between the object-fixed, and ground and perfectly absorbs vibrations and stresses of the structural elements. Another useful solution for the installation of elements – this time, an attracting magnet is magnetic tape, covered on one side with adhesive.

If you need tape for a special task

If You constructed the Treaty could be vulnerable to interference, electrical network, use copper tape EMI. It will provide effective shielding of the sensitive parts of structures (for example, sensitive measuring systems or amplifiers niskoszumnych). And when lutujesz elements on the PCB using hot air (hot-air), and you want to protect neighbors from the harmful effects of high temperature, kaptonową grab the tape and securely tape the surface around the "operating field". In this category you will find in addition, tape with glass fiber. Strengthening fibers arranged lengthwise or crosswise to redress, for example, a damaged laminate from cracking.