There are accessories that cannot be missing from any workshop or toolbox. They are distinguished by their versatility and versatility, and are used for very different repair and maintenance work. These include self-adhesive tapes, which have found their application in damaged cables, installation of various types of elements, as well as protection against network interference. Self-adhesive tapes differ in the material they are made of and thus have their proper purpose. We select them in accordance with the work carried out. It is always worth to have 3 basic tapes, such as insulation tape, copper and foam. Each of them will surely be useful for every DIY enthusiast, robot, electrician and electronics technician. The tapes differ not only in their purpose but also in width and length. They are available in a wide range of colours, which in some cases, when the tape is visible, is very important for an aesthetic appearance. Check the offer of self-adhesive tapes from Botland!



Products by page

Products by page

Insulating tape

The cables are insulated to protect them from mechanical damage. However, it is damaged as a result of operation. This layer is very important, however, because it protects against puncture and electric shock. Therefore, in such cases an insulating tape is used to restore the conductors to the dielectric layer. We wrap the damaged area several times with insulating tape, so we don't have to replace the whole cable, which is sometimes not necessary or sometimes simply impossible. Insulation tapes have different widths, so we can fit them to cables with specific cross-sections. Moreover, they are available in several colors, which is important for the visual aspects when the cables are visible. We can also mark the cables with colours if there are more than one cable in one place. In addition to the insulation tape, we also offer conductive tape, which has the opposite effect. We use it to supplement damaged paths on the PCB.

Copper tape and other tapes for specific purposes

Copper tape is designed to protect the system from disturbances that come from the electrical network. Its task is to shield the most vulnerable parts of the structure, among which are sensitive measuring systems. In our shop you will also find other tapes with special purpose, which we use for special tasks. These include copton tapes to protect components adjacent to the soldered parts on the PCB. Also noteworthy are tapes made of fibreglass. They are perfect for protecting damaged laminates, preventing them from further cracking.

Foam tape

Foam tape is used for mounting the elements. It is a double-sided tape made of soft foam and covered with a good bonding adhesive. This type of tape works very well on smooth surfaces as well as those characterized by higher roughness. This is due to the relatively thick foam base. However, in our offer you will also find thinner tapes, thanks to which you can effectively compensate for imperfections of glued surfaces. Thicker tapes additionally provide cushioning, reducing vibrations and stresses of construction elements. If you need a surface that will attract metal elements, choose a magnetic tape that is coated with adhesive on one side only. Foam tapes, like insulation and copper tapes, have different lengths and thicknesses. They are available in several colours, so you can match them to the adhesive element and thus make them practically invisible.

Check out the range of tapes in Botland! We offer a wide range of insulation tapes, copper, copton, magnetic and foam. They have different applications and purposes, they are used to protect the surface of cables, to mount elements, and also to protect against disturbances from the electric network.