Sensors 9DoF IMU

Sensors 9DoF IMU - just like humans, robots also "love" to know your location and know what happens to them. MEMS technology has brought in the last decade a number of tools that allow you to create electronic analogue of the vestibular apparatus. Its task is to inform the robot about its orientation in space and the motion parameters of acceleration and speed. Meter IC using data coming from three different sensors.

Sensors 9DoF IMU

The measurements by means of navigation unit inercyjnej GO (eng. Intertial Measurement Unit) is a data connection:

  • accelerometer - an acceleration sensor
  • gyro – sensor of frequency of rotation and position relative to the earth,
  • magnetometer – a magnetic field sensor.

If one sensor would not be able to provide enough information about the location of the object, the connection (called merge) different types of data allows a reliable and precise determination of orientation and movement parameters in three-dimensional space.

The use of IMU sensors

What devices require describes the sensors? Each module of the IMU can operate as a simple inclinometer, i.e. a device measuring the angle of tilt relative to the gravity vector. The IMU sensor is a necessary element in the design of any drone, because readings from navigation module inercyjnej represent the main source of information input to the controllers of the flight. Other types of vehicles, including robots balansujące, they are totally dependent on current readings from the IMU sensors.

Small – large Navigator

Despite the promotion of technical, measurement modules 9DoF relatively small and light, allowing them to be used even in the smallest dronach and mobile devices. Attractive is also the price of the IMU sensors, as modules can be bought for a few dozen gold. Communication with the microcontroller or by the on-Board flight controller provides a serial interface I2C or SPI, in some models there is also a UART. The popularity of all of these communication standards, which makes the modules of the IMU sensors available in our store able to "negotiate" with any, even the most simple microcontroller (including arduino). Very importantly, the navigation parameters are calculated automatically. This decision frees us from the obligation of implementing complex mathematical calculations based on filtration of Kalmana and complex algebra matrix.