Solar panels

Solar panels - Due to the side solar panel is probably the collection of solar energy and recycling it into electrical energy. This allows not only to reduce the cost of producing electricity, but also to make sure that its production has no such harmful effects on the environment (unlike, for example, the burning of fossil fuels). In our climate, the energy extracted from the photovoltaic elements such as solar panels, generally has a size of article or emergency. Can also be used as a sole source of nutrition in devices with low current consumption, for example, lights in the garden. Links solar can be environmentally friendly and practical solution for many projects, electronic.


  • Solar panel foldable Solar panel foldable

    Renewable energy today is not only fashionable, but gradually becomes a necessity. Until recently, such "private" use of renewable energy pasjonowali individual users, and openness on green energy was an indicator of the modern approach to energy and power sources. However, as...

  • Solar panel fold Solar panel fold

    Getting solar energy for electricity production is a great success of modern technology. Such power source is available a few hours a day and does not require, however, it is not Sunny weather. Suitable even on cloudy days, although the efficiency of solar panels will be the...

  • Solar panels low-power Solar panels low-power

    The solar battery of small capacity is a great alternative to other energy sources. Skillful use of inexhaustible (at least in the scale of our lives) deck on solar energy allows you to build many useful devices that can many years to work in places without access to mains...

  • Accessories for solar panels Accessories for solar panels

    Renewable energy sources have long since ceased to be a fantasy of engineers and of interest to the technological futurist. Powerful PV farm or even large wind turbines are not only an increasingly common element of the Polish landscape, but also an important topic in the...

Products by page

Products by page

Solar panels - photovoltaic Power

Solar panels, otherwise called photovoltaic cells or fotoogniwami allow you to convert incident light into electrical energy. It is based on the photovoltaic phenomenon, where under the influence of light inside the physical body there is a force elektromotoryczna. This is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of producing electricity.

Link PV - What are the products available in this category?

The Department includes four subcategories: folding panels, twisted, panel low power, as well as accessories for solar panels. There are solar panels , power from 0.4 W to 60 W and a supply voltage from 5.5 V to 15.4 Volts. Depending on the model purchased online Botland solar can be used as a mobile power source (e.g. to charge your phone or car battery) and electronic projects (like a solar powered, remotely controlled robots or cars) or as an element of your house automation system. We also offer a wide range of accessories for solar panels - among other things, wires, control modules powered by solar energy or battery charger that can be connected to the panel.

Selection panels for various applications - solar panels for various projects

The most important parameter when choosing fotoogniw, as well as in comparison with other power sources, the rated power and voltage. They should be adapted for your device which must be powered by solar energy (in case of direct connectivity) or for an element-intermediary between fotoogniwem and operating equipment (for example, the control module power or battery charger). It is also important relevant conclusion - as a rule, przylutowania pads for wires or USB output. You should pay attention to the possibility of assembling product for transportation: in the case of panels of small capacity is has no significant role, but the more powerful units have larger surface area, so it's good to choose a folding or twisted model.