Solar panels

For a long time now, solar energy has been used as an alternative source of energy, for the one that "flows" to us from our sockets. The potential of the sun, which is inexhaustible, is appreciated. The sun's rays are available to the public and everyone can use them. Thanks to them we not only save on electricity costs, but also care for the environment. We associate a solar installation with large panels mounted on the roofs of buildings or in the ground in large open spaces. Meanwhile, solar panels can also be much smaller in size and thus use them to power a car battery or charge a mobile phone. They are perfect for powering devices with low energy consumption. We can see solar technology, among others, in garden and terrace lighting. In our offer there are solar panels available which differ in power and voltage. Take a look at the offer of our solar panels and save electricity use the one that is available to everyone for free.


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Products by page

Products by page

How does a solar panel work?

For the electricity to be produced by the sun, there must be a process in several stages. We need a special installation, the basic elements of which are photovoltaic cells, which are responsible for the generation of energy, They merge into modules. In the cells, the energy from the sun is converted into direct current. Their properties are largely related to the materials from which they are made, these are semiconductor materials. They are thus able to conduct an electrical charge, which is possible due to temperature and solar radiation. Silicon is such a semiconductor in most cases.

Solar panels are mounted where the sun's rays best affect their surfaces. In the case of smaller panels that we use to power specific equipment, it is important that they have access to natural solar energy so that they are always ready for use.

Benefits of solar energy

Users appreciate, above all, the enormous potential for saving on electricity bills in the first place. If someone has decided on an extensive photovoltaic installation that includes all electronic devices in the building, they can even count on free electricity in their home. Sometimes photovoltaics is treated as an additional source of energy, thanks to which the bills are much lower and the household budget more stable. We use green energy, which is not harmful to our environment. People are becoming more and more aware of their impact on their environment and how the world looks. Solar panels also benefit from an inexhaustible energy source. You are not dependent on your electricity supplier and you use it whenever you need it.

The Botland shop's offer includes solar cells of different power, also varying in voltage. We always adjust them to the parameters of the device for which they will be used.

How to select photovoltaic cells?

You can choose between solar cells from 0.4 W to 60 W and 5.5 V to 15.4 V. They have a wide range of use. They are suitable for charging mobile devices as well as car batteries. Photovoltaic cells are also used in electronic projects and home automation systems. In addition to solar cells, there are numerous useful accessories available, including chargers, modules for solar energy management and cables.

When choosing solar cells, we focus especially on nominal power and voltage, matching them to a specific device. There must be an appropriate output, among which pads and USB outputs are most commonly used. The greater the power of the cell, the larger its area. This is important in case of transport, during which they must be properly protected. A good choice in this case will be folding or rolling cells, which are easy to transport and protect them from possible damage.