Solar panels

Panel contains solar cells that take energy from the sun


Products by page

Products by page

Solar panels low power – folding power camping Hiking

Panels associated most users with large and expensive solarami who are engaged in yard or be located on the roof of real estate. Nothing could be further from the truth! Can already pick up your compact foldable solar panel in an expedition off-roadową or mountain trekking in the backpack in case you need to charge the phone. The solar battery of small capacity is available at a price of tens of dollars, and with their help, you can Supplement the shortage of energy in small hardware (e.g. mobile phones, GPS transmitter, MP3 player, flashlight and many others) during the breaks and stops.

In our store you will find products with various options and prices. Although we guarantee high quality of materials and range of production of the most famous manufacturers on the market, we highly recommend you strict requirements and adaptation a suitable model.

Your little solar power plant in the backyard

We offer also solar panel high power, which can be useful for energy storage in emergency power systems. This range can be used in various ways, and one thing – it will reduce Your electricity bills, worrying about the environment.

If you are lovers of design and engineering of innovative electrical systems or any item is damaged and you want to take on a renovation, you'll find we also the accessories for solar panelsthat may be necessary. Our team will help you in choosing the right equipment that will meet Your expectations! We invite you to contact.