Siren - Even the best Central alarm, which works with a network of sensors will not be able to do anything, if not we, accordingly, loud alarm – siren alarm – allows you to not only scare the intruder but also to inform the immediate environment of the attempted break-in. The main function of the sirens, so obviously, creating correspondingly connected and by which we visualize sound, which clearly shows that there is something disturbing, you should pay attention.

Sirena - louder the better

Depending on what we are building alarm system, or whether we want to protect your car is from the outset to consider the choice of optimal alarm siren. Its main parameter is the intensity of the emitted signal. The noise level is given in decibels (dB) – all the sirens that are available in our store, capable of reproducing sound levels up to 100 dB, which corresponds to approximately the volume of the concert or outdoor siren ambulance. Because it is too loud sound is not only very unpleasant for people in the immediate environment of the transducer, but also can cause damage to hearing sirens should be used with caution in the first place, given the inclusion of a siren (not even for testing purposes) in the room.

Noise isn't everything

When designing your alarm system using sirens is important not only the sound intensity level. From the point of view of electronics is no less important are the power settings. In most cases, a fire alarm can be supplied with a constant voltage of 12 V, and in some cases the range of acceptable voltage is wide and can include both low voltage – 6V (the voltage corresponding to the four series-connected AA batteries) and slightly higher (up to 14V). Such information is always in the product description.

Universal siren

Above, a wider range of supply voltages, which takes the siren can be used in devices where the voltage may change significantly during operation – in particular, in systems of the batteries. A second important electrical parameter to consider when selecting sirens for alarm systems, it is current consumption. In most cases it is at the level of several hundred milliamps. Before connecting the siren to make sure that our power supply or battery able to provide enough power output for its replenishment.