The access control and security system of a building or property should be equipped with several sensors with different functions, which allow not only to locate and register a possible threat, but also to inform other people about it. For this purpose, alarm sirens, i.e. sounders, are installed, which allow to notify the environment about an attempted burglary or theft. Alarm sirens generate a loud and characteristic sound, which clearly indicates that something alarming is happening that requires intervention. Different types of sirens are available, cooperating with the building and surrounding security system. The offer includes both advanced devices that can be configured with other sensors or motion, as well as simple sirens operating independently. They have been adapted for indoor and outdoor installation, which is due to the tight housing and high resistance of materials to adverse external factors. Check what we have to offer! 

Alarm sirens volume. What is also important? 

Alarm sirens are supposed to emit a high intensity of sound. Therefore, it is assumed that the louder it is, the more effective it is. The level of sound intensity is the basic parameter that should be taken into account when choosing a siren. It is measured in decibels and marked with a unit of dB. The best choice will be an alarm siren that emits more than 100 dB. If it would be quieter, it might not perform its full function. Such a level is comparable to an ambulance siren or the noise that occurs during an open-air concert. However, it is necessary to take into account not only the effectiveness of alarm sirens, but also the safety of the sounds for people in the immediate vicinity of the siren. Too much noise is dangerous for our hearing organ and harmful to our health. It can cause damage to the organ and even contribute to hearing loss. That is why it is so important to use sirens where necessary, in a well-thought-out and properly planned manner. We can install alarm sirens in industrial buildings, public buildings and private homes. They also work very well in open but protected areas and in urban environments. They are also chosen to protect cars and other vehicles. 

The noise level is not the only factor influencing the functionality and efficiency of the alarm siren. Another important parameter is the power supply, namely direct current supply. Most devices are characterized by 12V power supply. However, there are such systems and cases where we can use low voltage 6V. This is the level corresponding to the four serially connected AA batteries. It also happens that the DC voltage is slightly higher, which is 14V. 

Moreover, the way of mounting is also important. Knowing in advance how to install the siren, we can plan its placement in a specific place. We also need to know how tight the device is, which is especially important when installed outdoors, in rooms with high humidity and very polluted environment. 

Alarm sirens with WiFi module 

This is the most modern solution when it comes to alarm sirens. They are equipped with advanced technology allowing the siren to communicate with other sensors via WiFi. Thanks to this we can design and create a complete and very complex system of protection of a building or property. These are alarms that are triggered by the detection of movement, water, fire or gas, which depends on the installed sensors. It is worth to equip yourself with such a device if you care about above-average protection and safety or the environment is particularly conducive to threats. It is also useful in buildings with a higher risk of accident due to the appearance of fire or leaking gas. Alarm sirens are easy to install and install, and are often small in size, which means that they do not adversely affect the aesthetics of the interior or facade of the building.