In the era of universal digital electronics are increasingly we meet with devices which not only listening to our teams, but also create quality sound. More recently, the design of the device offers such features was extremely difficult and expensive. Today we have at hand a wide range of modules players, allowing to implement complex functions voice control, with the help of a few pins of a simple microcontroller. Some models even allow you to record several hours of video.

Products by page

Products by page

What format to use?

Among the dozens of recording formats of the audio, the most popular currently are three standards:

WAV is a so-called sound uncompressed audio samples that are stored and played back one after the other, exactly the same as was registered. WAV files provide the best audio quality (recording without loss of quality), however, takes quite a lot of memory.

MP3 is the most popular format in the world data loss – data is compressed, which means that for the price more or less loss of sound quality we can on the same media capacity to retain several times longer recordings. Choosing the compression ratio, we can determine the compromise between quality and file size.

Ogg format is lossy (compressed) provides a comparable or higher quality sound compared to MP3. When using this format, make sure that our module has the function of MP3 playback that type of file.

MP3 / WAV / OOG / MIDI Swiss army knife of audio

Single player module can play several file types, and the most complex models also enable audio recording using the built-in microphone or line-in input. Simple WAV player or MP3 player may have several levels of universal module with the hard findings of the type goldpin or form overlays arduino shield.

Persons engaged in the sale of sound or home recordingiem recommend while functional, modular MIDI player.

Small, but not forgive

MP3 or WAV files in a module can easily be connected to arduino or any microcontroller and control the playback without going into the intricacies of audio technology. In our offer you will find the modules player working with memory cards. It makes it easy to store new files, and with a memory card of large capacity will never run out of space for new records. However, if you don't need hours of recordings, and instead, You a few short audio messages, consider the purchase of an adapter with a built-in Flash memory. Player WAV/OGG Adafruit Audio FX Mini Sound Board has an on Board 2 MB of internal memory, so without using the SD memory card the module is loaded the necessary messages using the microUSB cable.