Microphones and sound detectors

In many devices requires the ability to receive, process or respond to incoming sounds from the environment. Existing microphones and sound detectors not only record high-quality sound, but also allow you to add in a simple way the functions of "hearing" Her new robot. Select the module or element depends primarily on what the function should perform a microphone built in the device.

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Products by page

Microphone, microphone not equal – microphone design

The current market for microphones is dominated by mainly three types of structures differing in acoustic parameters, connection method, as the size and price.

Electret microphone – microphone design makes that sound processing is done on the principle of changes in the capacitance of a special condenser, in which one of the brake the movable membrane. Vibrations in the air cause a vibration of the membrane, which leads to a capacitance change to the beat of the sound wave.

The microphone contact. (with activated carbon), which is used widely in the last century have completely given way to the modern mikrofonom elektretowym.

A piezoelectric microphone uses the phenomenon of piezoelectric vibrations in the air cause a slight deformation of the membrane, which leads to the formation of a small AC voltage to the beat of the sound wave.

Small, but attentive

The other type of microphones receiving increasingly popular, especially among mobile devices, the MEMS microphones. Systems MEMS is a miniature of the elements of electro-mechanical, in which everything – both electronic and mechanical – are made from a single block of semiconductor. This solution not only provides an incredibly small size, but also very good sound quality. There are microphones with analog output and digital interface, greatly simplifying the connection of the microphone to the more advanced microcontrollers.

Microphones and sound detectors

If does not depend on us to register the full range of sound, and only detects his presence and light level (e.g. with arduino), you should purchase one of the modules for the detection of sound. If the sound quality makes a difference, as the MIC for recording, e.g., music, speech and environmental sounds, is to use a USB microphone. It offers customers can use one of the available microphones elektretowych in the role of the microphone of the car.