Buzzery generators sound

Sound generator , an acoustic Alarm is, along with the optical, the main form of social organization with users. In our store there are simple converters of the sound, and buzzery with generator and modular oscillators. With the right solutions for the design of the device is dictated by many factors. These include, primarily: the type of application, the amount available in the housing space, as well as the characteristics and the volume of the alarm.

A simple audio Converter or buzzer with generator?

The simplest constructive variant acoustic signalling is the use of a piezo transducer ("plaque") or the passive buzzer in the housing. Available buzzery passive different mode of action – piezoelectric transducers convert alternating electrical voltage deformation of the piezoelectric material, which ultimately leads to the generation of sound waves, and electromagnetic buzzery use the principle of conventional loudspeaker elektrodynamicznego. Regardless of the design, all passive buzzery require AC voltage. May be it is produced through a microcontroller or any chip sound generator. In the case of passive control buzzerem through the microcontroller should be aware of the limited maximum load current outputs of the microprocessors. What is important that in setting the appropriate electronic equipment is possible as the control of sound frequency and modulate its amplitude. The sound generator is one of the elements, which is 100% useful when creating different projects, electronic.

Buzzery generators sound

Buzzer with generator greatly simplifies the use of the Converter in the system built – in the casing with the active buzzer is a simple, strongly reduced AC voltage generator. To start the buzzer of this type is sufficient to specify a fixed voltage value, within the limits specified in the technical specifications. The advantage of such buzzerów is the ability to control without creating run AC. Because we have no influence on the amplitude of the generated buzzer signal AC, the elements of this type, the possibility of modulation of the amplitude is limited to a quick on and off with the buzzer. In most applications, however, it is sufficient, as using very simple code, or electronic equipment, you can easily change the time of squeaks, frequency and quantity of their recurrence.

Buzzery – basic and more advanced applications

Buzzery passive and active are available in the form of separate elements and modules, allowing convenient tightening with a buzzer anywhere on the device and then connect it using the classic goldpinów. And for more demanding applications, a great choice would be a tone generator. The system can work not only as a classic buzzer, but it also makes possible to control the amplitude of the sound and its height. Suitable for playing simple melodies, and pitch is performed by using the PWM signal.