DC motors with gearbox and encoders

Robotics is currently one of the most developing areas in automation of processes. This applies not only to technological processes, industrial premises, but increasingly accompanies us in everyday life makes some actions easier and more enjoyable. The pleasure is even greater when you build your own robot. Its main Executive element is the engine. A wide range of powertrain you'll find in the store Botland.


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Motors for robotics and embedded systems

The easiest and cheapest option, the need to create a mobile design, motion module is the DC motor. Your adventure with the discs you can start at the micro scale using a DC motor, the dimensions of which starts from sizes 4 mm (diameter) and length of 8 mm and a weight of only 1 g! If the size is 6 mm in diameter, 16 mm long, have a full-wheel drive, which supplies us the torque values of 0.1 to 0.9 kg / cm at 2500 rpm to 90 rpm.


When you build a system using the drives very often do it with a vision of their application in devices with high precision movements. This, for example, multi-axis systems used in positioning systems, devices for processing on CNC, print, measure 2D and 3D. The creation of such applications will be much easier for You if you apply them in the stepper motor or enkoderem. A stepper motor is a DC motor operates in a pulsed mode in which the rotor is not rotating in a continuous movement, but performs rotational movement of a well-defined angle. The most characteristic parameter of stepper motor is its resolution describes the degree of accuracy introduced in steps (pulses) per revolution. In our store you will find stepper motors with a resolution of 400 steps per revolution and torque to 12.8 kg*cm!

More power!

An alternative to a stepping motor is a motor with enkoderem and gearbox.

Encoder is nothing else as a Converter of mechanical and electrical, which in the case of engines, delivers us information about the angular position of the rotor, expressed in pulses per revolution. Because of this you will be able to achieve and control the desired position. A mechanical element that can be used to suppress or a significant increase in engine torque and, consequently, increase or decrease speed reducer. In our store you will find DC motors with integrated gear and/or enkoderem by which you can obtain the rotation speed of about 10000 rpm, a torque of up to 23 kg*see and read position from the encoder to the amount of more than 10,000 pulses per revolution. We also offer DC motors with gear corner.