Electronics courses

Electronics for beginners - electronics-is not only a fast developing area of modern technology, drive and all other branches of industry or science. This is a great hobby for an ambitious, conscious of their own development people of different ages, and in the future professional activity – the possibility of obtaining well-paid, stable work. Regardless of whether you want to learn the basics of electronics for your own satisfaction, or seriously thinking about making valuable labour market skills – in this category you will find all you need to have a good start. We have a full electronics courses, and useful in each workshop sets the basic elements.

Products by page

Products by page

Electronics courses Forbot, that is... electronics for beginners

The portal Forbot is perhaps the most recognizable Poland website devoted to Amateur robotics and electronics for beginners. In addition to forum and blog transmission of the latest news from the world of enthusiasts of automation Forbot is also a substantial list of courses for electronics and programming for absolutely beginners and for those with a certain amount of knowledge and little practical experience. To facilitate the task of the fishermen of electronics, we have introduced in our offer sets of components and equipment for courses created by Forbot. They allow you to start learning immediately, i.e. immediately after opening the package. Moreover – even the packaging (in the practical form of the trunk) will be useful after the course as perfect as extra container for the tire shop on small items. The course of electronics is the perfect solution for a gift for people of all ages.

Programming and electronics

Among the courses of electronics under the logo Forbot is to list a number of basic trainings from the field of General engineering knowledge, as well as its individual units. And so for absolutely beginners we have a course in the fundamentals of electronics, complete with high quality printed materials and gadgets, as well as slightly stripped down, cheaper version (without the organiser and gadgets). If the study required minimum, you already have with you on the second part of the course, which describes more complex systems and electronic components. Of course, You will also be interested in the basics of digital technology, and from here the direct road on courses of Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Amateur robotics from scratch

In our offer you will find also courses of robotics, designed to fascynatów this field who want quickly to start building and programming your own robot mobile device. Importantly, available in our offer electronics courses designed to robotyków-lovers contain everything you need to begin your adventure with this wonderful area. Set for FORBOT robot manufacture, has a strong and professional support in the form of a free course on-line and allows an easy, fun you to get acquainted with the most important issues associated with the design of the mechanical robots, as the control of Executive elements, sensoryką and control algorithms necessary for the implementation of various tasks.