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An effective way of learning depends largely on how you learn. In other categories of Botland store you can see a lot of book courses and traditional educational materials. Here, however, we present electronic courses.

Products by page

Products by page

It doesn't matter if you're looking for an electronics course for beginners or for advanced users. The presented products are diversified in terms of level of advancement. Therefore, every DIY enthusiast will find something interesting here.

Nowadays, electronics is the fastest growing field of modern technology driving all other branches of industry or science. Modern electronics no longer resemble what was a few decades ago. The differences are perfectly visible on the example of automation, robotics and programmable electronics.

Therefore, electronics is also a great hobby for ambitious people who care about their own development of all ages, and - in a professional perspective - the opportunity to get a well-paid, stable job. Whether you want to learn the basics of electronics for your own satisfaction or are serious about getting valuable skills on the labor market - in this category you will find everything you need to get started. We have both complete electronics courses and sets of basic elements useful in every workshop. In other categories you will also find educational kits and Arduino and Raspberry Pi programmable electronics starter kits.

Forbot electronics courses – electronics for everyone

The Forbot website needs no introduction. Forbot website is probably the most recognizable Polish website, dedicated to amateur robotics and electronics for beginners. In addition to the discussion forum and blog that provides the latest news from the world of automation enthusiasts, Forbot is also a substantial list of electronics and programming courses.

Forbot electronic courses available in this category are designed for both beginners and people with a certain range of knowledge and some practical experience. To maximally facilitate the task for electronics students, we have introduced to our offer sets of elements and equipment for courses created by Forbot. Thanks to this, you can acquire a useful course that will develop your electronic skills both on the theoretical and practical level. Such products allow you to start learning immediately, i.e. immediately after opening the package. It is worth noting that the packaging (practical cases) can be used for other purposes after the end of the course. They are perfect as an additional workshop container for small items. The electronics course is the perfect gift solution for people of all ages. Get acquainted with our entire offer and choose the course in terms of your electronic skills. Increase your knowledge and create advanced robots using programmable electronics!

Programming and electronics – learn effectively!

Programming is directly related to electronics if you intend to create robotic, automatic or Internet of Things projects. The electronics courses presented here include a series of basic training in general engineering knowledge. You can also choose more advanced electronics training that addresses the issues of more specific niche sub-fields of consumer electronics.

For completely beginners we have a basic electronics course in a set with high quality printed materials and gadgets. We also offer a slightly more modest and cheaper version (without organizer and gadgets).

If you have already learned the necessary minimum or have just been in the subject of programmable electronics for years, then choose the second part of the course. It describes more advanced electronic systems and components. You will certainly be interested in the digital technology basics course. Both here and in another dedicated product category, you can view the Arduino and Raspberry Pi courses.

Amateur robotics – building a robot from a scratch

Learning electronics will also be useful when you are interested in robotics. In this category you will find interesting robotics courses for enthusiasts in this field who want to quickly start building and programming their own mobile robot. What's more, the electronics courses available in our offer for robotics enthusiasts contain everything you need to get started with robotics without any problems. By purchasing a given set, you will often equip not only the educational materials themselves, but the most needed electronic parts.

The above-mentioned FORBOT robot construction set is also noteworthy. It is a product that contains substantive support in the form of a free online course and allows easy and pleasant familiarization with the most important robotics issues. The knowledge and experience acquired in this way will allow you to start creating advanced mechanical constructions, connecting various parts of programmable electronics. Finally, create the robots you've dreamed of and equip them with various systems - control, sensors, microcontrollers, diodes and more.

If you have any questions, just contact us - we'll be happy to help!