Resistor, also called a resistor, passive, dwupinowy electric element, which introduces a circuit resistance, electric. In electronic circuits resistors are used, among other things, to reduce the current, setting the signal levels, voltage division, and the polarity of the active elements and terminate (kill) power lines. There are resistors with a wide resistance range, passing by twelve orders of magnitude and large range of power - from conventional low-power resistors (0.125 W to 0.5 W) resistors, high power and resistance heating elements (1000 or more).


  • Resistor packs Resistor packs

    Resistor packs - Resistor (resistor) is the simplest and most popular passive element used in electronic circuits. Putting it in the right place, you can change the current by adjusting them according to the needs of your device. The resistor works linearly the voltage drop...

  • Resistors przewlekane Resistors przewlekane

    In this category we offer resistors przewlekane - this means that they are adapted for mounting on a printed circuit Board technology TNT. Such resistors consist of a small, kilkumilimetrowego element, acting as a resistor, and two terminals on long filaments. In offer we have...

  • Resistors SMD 0805 Resistors SMD 0805

    Resistors SMD 0805 is one of the most popular types among the resistors electronics lutujących manually and using components of the surface. Very rarely in individual projects are selected smaller items. Our product range includes a wide range of 0805 resistor SMD different...

  • Resistors SMD 1206 Resistors SMD 1206

    SMD 1206 resistors are electronic components that are often used by professional electronics or robotyków. They are often used to reduce the current in an electrical circuit in the construction of electronic devices . A resistor made according to the technology 1206 SMD...

  • The heating resistors The heating resistors

    The current flowing through a resistance causes a reduction of the voltage: current times voltage is power, in this case the thermal capacity that is allocated to oporniku, heating it. As a rule, the phenomenon is a nuisance electronics, as the heat must be appropriately...

  • Druty oporowe Druty oporowe


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Products by page

Products by page

Resistors are the basic elements of electronic circuits

Resistors is the main components of modern electronics and are most commonly used passive elements in circuits of electronic devices. Resistors are available in different shapes and consist of different chemical compounds. Resistors are available, in particular, in batches, combine in a single package of several elements and implemented in the chip.

Resistors - Different types of resistors

Resistors are made from many materials, reference depending on your particular application requirements. Most often it is made from materials such as carbon or metal deposited on a ceramic substrate, but also for elements of high power, used wire bearing. There are also specialized machine, such as a foil, characterized by high precision and stability of parameters in time in function of environmental conditions. Machines are available in versions for installation problems (THT) and surface (SMD) in a wide range of housings of different sizes.

Resistor - the Main parameters of the resistors

The electrical function of the resistor determines its resistance: in selling resistors are made in a range of more than nine orders and specialty items - more than twelve. The resistance value associated with the current flowing through the resistor with the voltage drop on this element. In accordance with Ohm's law as the ratio of voltage drop to current is determined by the resistance of this element. In addition to resistors, each resistor has a nominal tolerance suggests the maximum odchyłce of the nominal value of the resistance of the real item. A third very important parameter, which describes the physical resistance, the maximum dissipated power. He says how many watts of heat (the value is the product of the current passing through the resistor, and the voltage drop across it), then this element is able to dissipate. Exceeding this value can lead to accidents.

The heating resistors

Resistors of high power distracts many watts of energy as heat can be used not only as part of motor control in distribution systems with energy or load testing. Often they are used as heating elements. Machines of this type are characterized by stable performance, which vary slightly with temperature, time or operating voltage. These elements have the shape suitable for your task, which ensures simple Assembly in the device in place that needs to be heated. Equipped with special mounting holes or adhesive tape, which enables attaching them on your device. Used for heat sensitive items that require a stable temperature, and also, for example, for heating of desktop 3D printers.