Machine, that is, otherwise known as resistors, is the primary element of equipment all electronic systems that use energy. Every electrician, technician, lover of automation and robotics, should have several models of different power and resistance. Offer Botland is a guarantee of enjoyment out of choice because we have a huge variety of products.



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Products by page

Products by page

Resistors in any hardware

For the potential user, electronic equipment, no matter what is inside the package – it is just important that everything worked flawlessly and is characterized by productivity. Electronics enthusiasts, see, however, much more because they are interested in the principle of operation of this equipment and therefore, in the event of an accident, able to quickly understand which element needs to be replaced. Sometimes a simple installation of one new part, which is below 1 RUB – in our store you can find sets of 16 values of the resistors, offered in the amount of 800 pieces, for just a few dollars! Resistors are a basic element of any electronic equipment, as used for stress reduction. What does this mean for electricians? Well, no matter what they are designed to You are a little advanced on the basis of minikomputerze Arduinoif they want to set an indicator in your car – in any case, the components need different voltages.

Examples of application resistors

Wanting to install in your car the led light, which will serve as a decoration, be aware that mains voltage is 14.5 V, and it is one of the LEDs only need 3V for correct operation, so it makes no sense to use special stabilizers, which are much more expensive, if you can do everything with a single resistor. This is the most simple imagination that resistors are useful in electronics, and you can give them a lot, because they are located in all hardware electronic devices that are in the home, at work or in a restaurant, we'll find them, particularly in TVs, czajnikach, clock, etc. the Equipment must, however, different resistance, so that to meet the expectations of our customers, we offer kits of different models of resistors.

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